Cris Gianakos Collection

About the Collection

Cris Gianakos was born in New York City in 1934. He studied design at the School of Visual Arts and has been a member of the College’s faculty since 1963. From 1961-1971, Gianakos and Stephen Ancona ran their own design firm. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Gianakos designed elegant and spare posters for major exhibitions at SVA including Lucy Lippard’s seminal “Groups,” as well as shows featuring Robert Morris and Frank Stella, among many others. Gianakos began creating assemblages and boxes in the 1960s, but over time he shifted his focus, as his new work became more aligned with Minimalism. By 1977, he had begun creating the “ramp” works that have become his signature work. The Cris Gianakos Collection is composed of posters, exhibition catalogues, and other print ephemera. Contact the Archives for an inventory of items.

Red graphic on white, resembling an upside-down u with a thin line connecting the sides. Adonis restaurant. Envelope.
Black and white photo of a  triangular, ship-like structure near water. Mountains are visible in the distance. Cristos Gianakos exhibition catalog. 1979.
Black graphic of a man holding preparing to launch a slingshot against a brown background; text appears in red. Columbia Pictures. "The Story of David," booklet cover. 1976.
Gradation of columns from white to black. School of Visual Arts / Visual Arts Gallery. "Series Photographs" exhibition poster. 12 x 18. 1969.
Red grids form a three dimensional space with a black line stretching through them against white background. Cristos Gianakos. "Sculpture and Drawings" exhibition announcement. 18 x 22.5. 1979.
Title is repeated several times in different colors to form a rainbow over black and white photograph of a woman dressed like a fairy. Panorama Press. "Xmas Spree" poster. 27.25 x 20.25. 1980.
The phrase "Black Artists" appears in swirly, black and white font against black and white background. School of Visual Arts / Visual Arts Gallery. "Black Artists" poster. 17 x 11. 1970.
Geometric graphic of a black ramp against white graph paper. P.S. 1. "Cristos Gianakos: Special Project Installation: Ramp #4" poster. 18.5 x 22. 1978.
American flag graphic; blue segment is replaced by a solid black square. "Send Our Boys Home" poster. 12.25 x 17. 1966.
Detailed graphic including red pinwheels in the center, two cockroaches, lunar patterns and lines radiating outward. Red, black and blue against grey. Columbia Records. "The Best of Columbia's Shock/Sci-Fi" cover.
The letters M and F appear on opposite sides of the top corners; black against white background. Mort Fega. Letterhead. 1960s.
Poster with a black-and-white photo of a woman flying a small pedal-powered dirigible branded "Dixons-Air-Ship." Caption reads, "Melzer  & Company has moved to 25 West 26th Street New York 10010 212-532-8999." Melzer and Company moving announcement poster. 15 x 11.5. 1987.