Fred Troller Collection

About the Collection

Fred Troller (1930-2002) was an influential designer who emigrated to the United States from Switzerland. He worked as design director for the Geigy Chemical Corporation in New York in the 1960s; in 1968 he opened his own studio, Troller Associates, in Rye, New York. Troller taught at SVA in the late 1960s; from 1988 to 2000 he was the chairman of the division of design at Alfred University. He was also a painter and sculptor and exhibited his work at Grace Borgenicht Gallery in New York. The Fred Troller Collection consists of 12 posters and 8 brochures.

Booklet cover with the characters "25 UN" in large, mostly blue, font with red, green, orange, and white stripes on the right edge, against a black background. United Nations. 25 UN promotional booklet cover.
Booklet cover with a grainy black and white photograph of a manhole cover with a star design. The text, "Cross Siclare New York," in red, and "at work for Print New York," in blue. Cross Siclare. New York at Work for Print New York promotional booklet cover.
Booklet cover with blue concentric circles against a black background; the letters "IBM" are superimposed onto the blue in white. Text at top right, "Direct Access Storage Devices" in white IBM. "Direct Access Storage Devices" promotional booklet.
Poster features hot pink puzzle pieces shapes coming together against a black background; text, "Security Is...Selective Protection," appears in white. IBM. "Security Is...Selective Protection" poster. 11.5 x 15.
A grid of thick arrows facing diagonally to the upper right; the top-left arrow is primarily blue with a red corner. The area of the arrow that is red becomes increasingly larger in subsequent arrows. Lippincott and Margulies. "Sense 66" booklet. 1972.
Cover of magazine showing a photogram of computer storage media (punched tape, punch cards, magnetic tape, diskette), with the title, "Data entry—from cards to diskettes" "Viewpoint" magazine cover. 1976.
Poster features a grainy, black and white photograph of an abstract sculpture. Borgenicht Gallery. Fred Troller, Recent Sculpture poster. 17 x 22. 1965.
Black and white photograph of two hands reaching for each other diagonally, against a white background. Text, "People Helping People" (in red) and "The United Way" (in blue) appears in between them. United Way. "People Helping People" poster. 11.5 x 17.
Poster featuring black and white contact sheet of photographs showing Fred Troller constructing a large sculpture. At the top, text in white typewriter typeface, "fred troller, recent sculpture, january 6-26 1968, borgenicht gallery, 1018 madison ave new york 21 ny." Borgenicht Gallery. Fred Troller, Recent Sculpture poster. 17 x 22. 1968.