Gail Anderson Collection

About the Collection

Designer Gail Anderson spent fifteen years at Rolling Stone, where she ultimately became Senior Art Director. She defined the magazine’s visual style through conceptual typography, employing traditional and non-traditional materials to form letters and symbols. In 2002, Anderson moved to SpotCo, an agency specializing in arts and entertainment advertising, where she was Creative Director of Design; she was also a partner in Anderson Newton Design. Anderson is both an SVA alumnus and longtime faculty member of the College’s BFA Design Department and Pre-College Program; she has co-authored numerous books on design. She is currently the Chair of SVA's BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department and Creative Director of the Visual Arts Press, SVA’s in-house design studio. Anderson was the 2018 recipient of the National Design Awards Lifetime Achievment Award, presented by the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. The Anderson Collection consists of posters, books, magazines, assorted ephemera, and original production materials related to Rolling Stone.

Roughly sketched, minimal illustration of a red man holding a lance, riding a black horse against a yellow background, looking at a white star in the distance. The horse is composed of the words, "Man of La Mancha." Martin Beck Theatre. "Man of La Mancha" poster. 14 x 22. 2002.
Close-up of a pink female puppet, focusing on her cleavage; she has blonde hair and is wearing a beaded blue dress, with a gold necklace reading "Lucy". Text reads "WARNING: Full Puppet Nudity." Golden Theatre. "Avenue Q" poster. 14 x 22. 2003.
Illustration of a man walking toward a house over very round green hills; the background, behind and above the hills, is a rainbow made up of strands of different widths. The title, "Finian's Rainbow," sits between the hills and is in white. St. James Theatre. "Finian's Rainbow" poster. 14 x 22. 2009.
Poster featuring a simple painting of a white wedding cake falling off a black cake stand. Cake contains the title in looping black lettering; cast listed in red on stand. Roundabout Theatre. "The Marriage of Bette and Boo" by Christopher Durang poster. 14 x 22. 2008.
Poster featuring a nineteenth-century-style black-and-white engraving of a woman's face, her eyes covered by two bright red flowers on long green stems. Title text appears in red. Roundabout Theatre. "Mrs. Warren's Profession" by George Bernard Shaw poster. 14 x 22. 2010.
Poster featuring a black-and-white photo of an upturned against an orange and blue background. Text reads "Whatever side you take, you're wrong." Golden Theatre. "Oleanna" by David Mamet poster. 14 x 22. 2009.
Nineteenth-century-style poster with red and black text, "Henceforward Shall be Free: Emancipation Proclamation, Abraham Lincoln, 1863, Forever USA." Emancipation Proclamation stamp poster. 2013.
The letters "CUBE" appear in a square design inside a box. Black against white background. Rolling Stone. "Cube" page design.
Text appears in black outline letters (as if done by linocut) against textured white background. Rolling Stone. "Living Colour's Time Is Now" page design.
Varied phrases, all including the word "type," crowded together and appearing in different distinct typefaces and sizes, in blue and black against white background. Type Directors Club. Promotional letterpress card. 2015.
Layered yellow, pink, and orange type of quotation by Congresswoman Maxine Waters on a purple background. "Reclaiming My Time" print, 2018.