George Tscherny Collection

About the Collection

The work of George Tscherny is characterized by its elegance, wit, and simplicity. Tscherny began his career in 1950 as a packaging designer for Donald Deskey; he joined George Nelson & Associates in 1953, where his ideas about creativity and graphical problem-solving began to take shape. In 1955, Tscherny opened his own design studio. That same year he taught the first design course at SVA (then called Cartoonists and Illustrators School), a pilot class consisting of thirteen students. Tscherny designed the first SVA poster and logo in 1956 and was instrumental in establishing the school's visual presence in New York City. He redesigned the SVA logo and identity program in 1997. His many corporate clients have included W.R. Grace & Co., Pan Am, Johnson & Johnson, General Dynamics, SEI Corporation, The Ford Foundation, Mobil, and Air Canada. The George Tscherny Collection includes posters, brochures, annual reports, letterhead, book jackets, and many other samples.

A white circle full of light gray shapes suggestive of industrial equipment, with three large black arrows pointing to it, against a dark gray background; Text appears underneath in white. Aluminum Extrusions, Inc. Advertisement. 1954.
Bright pink program cover featuring a simple line drawing of Marcel Marceau with a white face in a tall hat with a flower sticking out of it. "bip" Marcel Marceau performance program cover. 9 x 12. 1958.
Program cover featuring a large lower-case b and g, in white and navy, respectively, against a blue background, while the figure of Benny Goodman sits in the "b" and plays the clarinet. Benny Goodman and His Orchestra performance program cover. 1958.
Thin green lines on black appear in a 4x3 grid, increasing in number incrementally until they form the number 70. J.C. Penney. "Direction 70" booklet cover. 1970.
Colorful, out-of-focus jumble of numerals floating against white background. IBM. "Mathematica" exhibition booklet. 1962.
Simple, abstract blue and white shapes suggesting ice floes with the title, "thin ice" below in purple along with a paragraph of supplementary text. General Dynamics. "Thin Ice" poster. 30 x 46. 1968.
Black and white photograph of William King with a sculpture backlit by a window; both are labeled as such in red. San Francisco Museum of Art. William King, "Sculpture" exhibition poster. 30 x 46. 1970.
Program cover featuring a simple brown shape on a black background, suggesting the abstract figure of a dancer with a white shape for ahead. Martha Graham performance program cover. 1960.
The number "'58" drawn in delicate white swirls against a dark brown background. Museum of Modern Art. Appointment Calendar. 1958.
Red, gold and blue hand-brushed text against white background. Text reads: "The mood is right." New York Times supplement. 1958.
Report cover featuring a close-up, black and white photograph of a turbine jet engine. Overseas National Airways. Quarterly Report. 1969.
Catalog cover with a depiction of an orange flag with the text, "SVA; School of Visual Arts." School of Visual Arts. Catalog. 1964.
A white, lowercase "a" against a steel blue background. The company name is in black inside the central space of the "a". Aluminum Association. "Standards for Aluminum Mill Products" identity program. 1963.
A circle formed by two half-circle photographs, the lower one of the ocean, the upper one of the sky, separated by an empty space. General Dynamics. Annual report. 1968.
The text, "mutual sunset," in white text centered against a hot pink background; red pencil lines emanate from the center. "Mutual Sunset" catalog cover. c.1950.