Here Is New York Collection

About the Collection

“here is new york” was a seminal series of traveling exhibitions, which featured both amateur and professional photography relating to the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001. Organized by Michael Shulan, Charles Traub, Gilles Peress, and Alice Rose George, the photographs were first collected and displayed in an informal exhibition in a SoHo storefront in the days immediately following the attacks. The "here is new york" collection includes a complete set of photographs from an exhibition, as well as the business documents, some correspondence, and background materials held by the corporation.

Color photograph of people observing a photography exhibit focusing on 9/11. here is new york installation photograph
Color photograph of a woman cooing at a baby on a rooftop; in the background, the city skyline is engulfed in smoke. Photograph by Alex Webb
Close-up color photograph of a man standing near a fire hose; his face is covered with ash. Photograph by Catherine Leuthold
Color photo of paper debris on muddy ground; a crumpled magazine with a woman's face on it is visible. Photograph by Charles Traub
Color photo of a woman observing a pizza storefront covered in portraits of victims of 9/11. Photograph by David Turnley
Stark ground view of the twin towers, which appear white against a deep blue sky; the silhouette of a bird is visible. A church, nearly completely in shadow, is in the foreground. Photograph by Henry Leutwyler
Black and white photo of a crowd of people observing a photography exhibition; the photos are hung with clips on wire across the room. here is new york installation photograph
Color photo of a crowd of people lined up on the street to enter a gallery. Two cars are visible. here is new york gallery exterior photograph
Color photo of a firefighter laying down among a destroyed building; he is on the phone. Photograph by Jonathan Torgovnik
Black and white photo of police and firefighters observing a destroyed building; man in foreground is wearing a mask to cover his mouth from the amount of smoke. Photograph by Larry Towell
A crowd of people in New York looking up at something off camera. Photograph by Patrick Witty
Color photograph of a New York city skyline at night, against the East River. Photograph by Sean Hemmerle
Color photograph of an arm being tattooed; the tattoo is of the twin towers on fire with an American flag superimposed on top. Photograph by Tony Savino