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Jeanne Siegel Papers

About the Collection

Jeanne Siegel was the influential chair of SVA’s BFA Fine Arts Department from 1976-2005. A writer, essayist, art critic, curator, and educator, she left a profound mark on a generation of artists who studied at SVA. She organized and moderated countless panel discussions on contemporary art issues, curated exhibitions, edited and contributed to numerous art journals, and was the author of Artwords: Discourse on the 60s and 70s, Artwords 2: Discourse on the Early 80s, and Painting After Pollock: Structures of Influence. Siegel passed away in 2013. The Jeanne Siegel Collection consists of materials documenting the activities of the SVA Fine Arts department, as well as books, journal articles, and exhibition publications related to Siegel’s work as an essayist and art critic.