Keith Godard Collection

About the Collection

Keith Godard is a renowned designer of public art and exhibitions, and a pioneer of the teaching of graphic design history. He is the Principal of StudioWorks and a faculty member in SVA’s MFA Design department. The Godard Collection represents his exuberantly textural and conceptual approach to design. The Collection includes posters, book jackets, books, miscellaneous print items, and a three-dimensional model for Godard's New York City Transit Museum exhibition.

Aerial photograph of Los Angeles, with a park in the center colored green, from which several balloons are tethered, arranged to spell, "A Picnic in Los Angeles," backward. American Institute of Architects, American Institute of Planners, American Society of Landscape Architects, Art Directors Club of Los Angeles. "A Picnic in Los Angeles" poster. 34.5 x 24. 1972.
Light gray illustration of the phases of the moon by date, laid out in a grid on steel blue background. Eye magazine. Moon Calendar poster. 22.5 x 15.75. 1969.
Upper half of a bird in red silhouette against a gray halftone gradient. Some buildings appear in the bottom left corner as if from far away. Museum of Primitive Art. "Precolumbian Art in New York" poster. 38 x 24.5. 1969.
Color illustration of an aerial view of the Grand Central Terminal in an abstract cityscape. Municipal Art Society, Philip Morris Inc., National Endowment for the Humanities. "Grand Central Terminal: City Within the City" poster. 38 x 24.5. 1982.
Depiction in purple and white of the eyes and nose of a woman's face made from the same image in miniature in the frames of several parallel strips of film laid vertically side by side. Yale Film Festival poster. 38 x 24.5. 1968.
Depiction of a horned animal created with the head from a cave painting, a photographed midsection, and digital drawing of its hind legs. "Evolution of the Poster 1850 to the Present" poster. 25 x 40. 1997.
Black and white photograph of a man, altered to be holding a floppy disc, wearing a backwards cap and listening to music. Text is overlayed in yellow strips. The International Vintage Poster Fair poster. 38 x 25. 1994.
Colorful, segmented illustration depicting a cross section of different "layers" of landscape, from outer space to the center of the Earth, each layer numbered with a different level from fourth to tenth. "Experience New Levels in Parking From the Earth Core to the Universe in Charlotte North Carolina" poster. 38 x 24.5. 1998.
Several strips of 8mm, 16mm, and 32mm film hanging side by side, their combined images forming a cityscape in black and white, with festival information in blue and purple text below. Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture and Planning. "Urban Focus: A Festival of Films and Video Tapes" poster. 37.75 x 24.5. 1975.
Illustration of title in ragged typeface, tangled with barbed wire, partially backlit by light of a searchlight. "Commemoration Meeting for the 20th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising...." poster. 29.75 x 20. 1964.
Illustration of a white book with the title in red divided into fifteen square segments. Doubleday. "Stories from the Sixties" book cover. 1971.
Illustration of a long white ribbon coming from the window of a tall building, containing exhibition-related text in green against a view looking up at skyscrapers against a red, purple, blue sky. Cooper Hewitt. "Immovable Objects: An Outdoor Exhibition About City Design" poster. 46 x 31.25. 1975.