Louise Fili Collection

About the Collection

Louise Fili founded her design studio, Louise Fili Ltd in 1989, specializing in brand development for food packaging and restaurants. Fili was a senior designer for Herb Lubalin from 1976-1978 and then became art director of Pantheon Books from 1978-1989. During her tenure at Pantheon she was responsible for two-thousand book jackets, leaving a profound mark on book jacket design in the process. Fili is also a faculty member in SVA’s BFA and MFA Graphic Design programs and has authored or co-authored many books on design and typography. A member of the Art Directors Hall of Fame, Fili has received the medal for Lifetime Achievement from the AIGA and the Type Directors Club. The Louise Fili Collection includes posters, packaging, and books.

Booklet with title in black text on a white label arranged in a diamond shape, affixed to a green cover. "A Cat, a Tree, a Headstone....: : Twelve Copyright Pages" letterpress book. 4.25 x 6. c.1998.
Book cover in red with gold and white lettering and flourishes. Elegantissima: The Design and Typography of Louise Fili. 2012.
Label for L'Arte de Gelato: a red inverted triangle with red and white lettering and an ice-cream graphic, with a frilly gold border. "L’Arte del Gelato" shopping bag. 10 x 13 x 4.5. 2009.
Poster specimen for typeface Mardell—the name "Mardell" at the top followed by six lines of the alphabet and first nine digits, all set in Mardell. Hamilton Wood Type Museum. Mardell Type Specimen poster. 14 x 18. 2016.
Red text with curly serifs bordered by black floral patterns. School of Visual Arts. "Louise Fili: The Masters Series" poster. 2016.
Seven matchbook covers, most with the logos of various restaurants, one a collage featuring Napoleon and Josephine. Miscellaneous restaurant matchbooks.
A photograph of three boxes of pencils, each with a colored diamond shape in the middle. The first is purple, with the text, "Brilliante;" the second is red, with the text, "Perfetto;" and the third is yellow, with the text "Tutti Frutti." Pencil boxes. c. 2015.
Cover of booklet with Italian art nouveau style floral glyphs on an ornate bottom border. Curving lines emanate from the left side of the border, ending in clusters of asterisks like fireworks. On the right, a silhouetted winged bat below three overlapping boxes containing respectively the words "L'Ecriture," "Il Corsivo," and "Script." "Un Sedicesimo Six," promotional booklet. 2008.
Metallic silver text on a triangular, black and red background, reading "Grafica della Strada: The Signs of Italy, by Louise Fili." Graphica della Strada: The Signs of Italy. Princeton Architectural Press. 2014.