Paul Sahre Collection

About the Collection

Paul Sahre established his independent design practice in 1997. Sahre’s work ranges from book jacket designs for authors including Rick Moody, Ernest Hemingway, and Chuck Klosterman, illustrations in The New York Times and The Atlantic, and a long-term collaboration with the band They Might be Giants. Sahre is a faculty member in SVA’s BFA Design Department. The Paul Sahre Collection consists of 14 posters and prints, 9 book jackets, 1 original drawing, and 1 fragment from the cardboard monster hearse truck hearse for They Might Be Giant’s video for “When Will You Die.”

Hand scribbled text over a pale green, halftone photograph of a person's face. Fells Point Corner Theatre. "Alley Apples" poster. 13.5 x 20.25. 1991.
Pink, red and blue medical illustration of a human heart with map of East and West Germany overlaid. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. "Couplings" book cover. 1996.
Image of book covers of four different Clarice Lispector novels, each with a different quadrant of Lispector's face. New Directions. Clarice Lispector book covers. 2012.
Red and white photograph of two people being held by others with production information in overlaid black strips. Fells Point Corner Theatre. "Love and Anger" poster. 13.5 x 20. 1995.
Black and white photograph of a crouching person; their face and body is obscured by two yellow strips, one with the text "THE" and the other "FEVER." Oak Street Theater. "The Fever" poster. 13.5 x 20. 1995.
Front & back cover are each a photograph of a different empty roads curving off into the distance. Touchstone. "The History of Western Philosophy" book cover. 2002.
Color photograph; Aerial view of the components of a nesting doll spread out on a light blue surface. Scribner. "The Body" book cover. 2004.
Brown poster with line drawings of strange camping-related items (a camper with helicopter rotors, a skillet on a campfire cooking a lightbulb, a giant iPod in a backpack). University of Minnesota Design Institute and Target Corporation. "Design Camp" poster. 25 x 38. 2005.
A sideways photograph of an empty city street. Two white holes take up the center of the page. Scribner. "Downtown Owl" book jacket. 2008.
A photograph of a statue's broken-off forearm against a white background. Viking. "The Procedure" book jacket. 2001.
A surreal map of an imaginary world, black lines on a black-and-white grid, with a rainbow-colored curve extending from the top left to the bottom right. Sappi Fine Paper North America. YO! S.A. poster. 11 x 17.5. 2008.
Primarily black text against white background; primarily blank, except for small house graphic on the upper right-hand side and red "x" over the name of the theater. Fells Point Corner Theatre. "Ghosts Play One" poster. 13.5 x 20. 1996.