Roger Ferriter Collection

About the Collection

Graphic designer and illustrator Roger Ferriter (1932–2015) attended RISD, graduating in 1955, getting a Master's from Yale in 1959. He worked for Young & Rubicam, McCann-Erikson, Metromedia, Burson-Marsteller. and was a partner at Lubalin, Smith, Carnase, Inc./Lubalin, Burns & Co., Inc. In 1972, he left to found Roger Ferriter, Inc. He also served as Art Directory at Burson-Marsteller. He taught at SVA for over thirty years. He is best known for the identity and packaging for the Hanes line of L'eggs tights and logos for several periodicals, including Golf, Sport, Barron's, Signature, and Argosy, and Prentice Hall publishers.

Profile of woman with scenes of her on boat and on a dock superimposed over he head Tampax, Inc. "Deep in Your Mind, You Know the Advantages of Tampax" advertisement sketch. 1960s.
L'eggs pantyhose logo, "Nude Stockings, 89 cents," white on fuschia background L'Eggs. Packaging label for Nude Stockings.
Gold label with "vitabath" repeated in alternating green and white letters Vitabath. Label, 1973.
Three dimensional F shapes arranged to form three sides of a cube Roger Ferriter, Inc. Logo mockup, c. 1972.
Four engravings of different circular polyhedrons Stationery for Georg Jensen by Lubalin, Smith, Carnase. 1970.
Yellow, unfolded box with the name of the product in white letters with blue shadow 1st to Last Pantyhose packaging.
A column of thin horizontal lines with smaller lines offset to form the word "tampax" oriented vertically Tampax, Inc. "Tampax is very Subtle" advertisement. 1960s.
A two by five grid of some of Ferriter's logos Assorted logos designed by Roger Ferriter.
A purple circular checkered grid and white lettering against a fuchsia background Cover of Sean O'Casey's "Rose and Crown."
L'eggs. Standing display. L'eggs. Standing display.
Three capital 'P's arranged to form a thee faces of a cube Princeton Pharmaceutical Products. Logo.
Orange rectangle with luncheon information in white, a vertical line of six 'ho's near the bottom of the card Type Directors Club. Christmas luncheon invitation. 1964.
A woman's profile with two mages of her, in a bathing suit and in an evening gown, superimposed on her head Tampax, Inc. "You Muse on Moving through the Lighthearted Worlds of Summer" advertisement. 1960s.
A rainbow frame around mirrored surface with the name "rosko" in white type and black type mirrored underneath Metromedia. "Rosko" poster. Late 1960s.
A pair of pants with red suspenders forming the 'm' in 'fireman' Herb Lubalin. "Why Does a Fireman Wear Red Suspenders?" poster. 1965.
Logo for L'eggs stockings on a blue background L'eggs. Packaging label.
Two sketches of three sides of a cube, each an 'f'-like shapes Roger Ferriter, Inc. Logo sketches, c. 1972.