Seymour Chwast Collection

About the Collection

Seymour Chwast has profoundly affected American graphic design and illustration, both through his stewardship of the seminal Push Pin Studios (which he founded in 1954 with Milton Glaser and Ed Sorel) and his consistent contributions in editorial illustration for periodicals such as The New York Times, Forbes, and Frankfurter Allgemeine. He is the author of more than thirty children's books, and his illustrations can be found on countless posters, packaging, album and book covers, advertisements, and corporate and environmental graphics. When it first gained recognition, Push Pin represented a radical departure from the modernist orthodoxy prevalent in the New York design world, and embraced a flowing and vibrant visual style that would make its mark on the Pop movement of the 1960s; this was recognized in The Push Pin Style, the unprecedented exhibition of American design at the Louvre’s Musée des Arts Decoratifs in 1970. In 1985, the studio’s name was changed to The Pushpin Group, of which Chwast is the director. He is a member of the Art Directors Hall of Fame and a recipient of the AIGA medal. The Seymour Chwast Collection contains 60 original artworks, 79 posters, 33 periodicals (including the Push Pin Graphic and The Nose), many print items, and several hundred slides.

Black, green and blue illustration against a white background of two men, one playing the saxophone and the other playing the piano. Lincoln Center. Count Basie and Band/Stan Getz and Quartet poster. 45 x 30. 1964.
Text is contained in a green box, containing English historical figures, against a white background, with a bottle of gin in the right-hand corner. Booth’s Gin. "Protest Against the Rising Tide of Conformity" poster. 30 x 45. c.1964.
Color illustration of a closeup of a smirking person's face, while they smoke a cigarette. Graphis. Magazine cover. 9.25 x 12. 1974.
Color illustration in a blocky, geometric style of a man and his dog reclining on a chair in profile. Doubleday. "How To Retire At 41" by Rust Hills book jacket. 20 x 8.5. 1973.
Illustration of a red devil in profile, with colorful signs of the magazine's topics (e.g., movies, sports, fashion) pointing different parts of his head. Title: "Driving Out the Demons." New York. Magazine cover. 8.5 x 11. 1971.
Color illustration of a collection of mushrooms; center mushroom has a man cycling on top of it. Strathmore. "Strathmore Presents Psalliotrophobia: Third in a Series of Irrational Fears" promotional piece cover. 8.5 × 11.
Color illustration of a collection of shoes in the shape of other items, such as animals, fruit, buildlings etc. Center shoe is of a woman's head. CBS Records. Stephane Grappelli. "Uptown Dance" album cover. 1978.
Illustration of a 17th century plaza. Bach's face is created in the cobblestones. Bach in plaza, ink and collage on paper. 15.5 x 19.
Color comic strip of two pilots fighting in the air, causing one to crash. Schweppes. Advertisement. 8.5 × 11. 1969.
A illustration of Uncle Sam, with a green face, opening his mouth, with planes and explosions and burning houses visible inside. "End Bad Breath" poster. 27.5 × 35. 1967.
Black and white portrait of a man in a cowboy hat holding a guitar. Bluegrass woodcut. 9.5 × 13.
An illustration of a cat wearing a teal striped tie, a monocle, and a boutonniere, with a left and top border in teal with pink mice. Mohawk Paper Mills. "Design & Style, no. 1: Jugendstil". 1986.
Color illustration of a high-heeled foot, with an arrow tattoo visible, surrounded by cigarette butts, a used matchbook, and a crumpled cigarette package. Seymour Chwast exhibition announcement poster. 23 × 33.5. 1984
Color illustration of a dove with 5 distinct human legs coming out of it. "March for Peace and Justice" poster. 17.5 × 24. 1982.
Color illustration of a giant man using a river as a bike path. People in boats and a house are visible for scale. Peugeot. Poster. 23.5 × 32. 1978.
Illustration of a butcher in a white apron, containing the exhibition-related text written in red. Push Pin Studios. Exhibition announcement. 25 × 29. 1981.