Steven Heller Collection

About the Collection

Steven Heller is one of the foremost authorities on design and illustration history. He is the author, co-author, and editor of over 100 books on graphic design, illustration, and political art. He was an art director at The New York Times for 33 years and is a columnist for The New York Times Book Review. Heller is also the co-founder and co-chair of the MFA Design Department and co-founder of the MFA Design Criticism Department at SVA. He has been a contributing editor to Print, Eye, Baseline, and I.D. magazines and has published hundreds of articles and critical essays in those and other design and culture journals. He has curated numerous exhibitions and has lectured widely on design and illustration history. In 2011, he received the Smithsonian/Cooper Hewitt's Design Mind Award.

The Steven Heller Collection reflects Heller's eclectic and far-ranging interests and includes posters collected by Heller, audio interviews with major designers and illustrators, books, slides, periodicals, print ephemera, photographic slides and prints, VHS and U-matic tapes, and other research materials. 

Announcement of George Maciunas exhibition in the form of a page of transfer lettering. Eileen Boxer (designer). Ubu Gallery announcement. 1996.
Two halftone images of half a man's face and half a woman's face, upside down, against a blue background. In the center, a vertical line of band names, venue, performance date. Art Chantry (designer). Head of Femur, Jucifer, Highway Matrons show poster. 20.5 x 14. 2008.
Color illustration of a man in a suit in a boxing ring, looking down at the audience with his arms up. Jerome Martin (illustrator). "All the King's Men" book cover from Time Reading Program series. 1963.
Letterhead featuring a large, black "O" with a yellow enclosed space against a white background. The right three-quarters of the page is taken up by a large, yellow box with the magazine's address at the bottom. Steven Heller (designer and art director). O: the Magazine of the Erotic Arts letterhead.
Tri-fold pamphlet showing various Emigre fonts in red. Emigre. Emigre Fonts New Releases flyer. 1990.
Two black-and-white photographs of a woman in a chair reading a notebook, taken from different angles, one more transparent than the other. A red square is printed over the notebook in the more opaque photo. Aldo Giurgola (designer). "Interiors" magazine cover. 1953.
Green blobs of different sizes connected to each other via blue tubes. The Troxlers (Niklaus, Annik and Paula) and Do-hyung Kim. 2011 limited edition silkscreen calendar.
Exhibition poster showing a surreal illustration of the interior of a strip club, where a woman on a stage in red heels is lit from above by the triangular Eye of Providence. Men gamble in the foreground. The figure of Malcolm X stands in the background pushing over a column. Sue Coe (illustrator). Ohio State University, University Gallery. "Sue Coe: Police State" exhibition poster. 34 x 23.5. 1988.
Black, white and red illustration of a snowman throwing a bomb at Santa on his tank-like sleigh. R. Crumb (illustrator). "Arcade: The Comics Revue" cover mechanical. 1975.
Colored pencil drawing of a robot with electricity emanating from him, against a blue background. Mohawk Paper Mills. Seymour Chwast and Steven Heller, "Design and Style, no. 4: Italian Futurism & Art Deco." 1988.
Silkscreen print of a cartoon soldier and a little girl holding a sign of the OBEY giant. Large letters spell out "Make Art Not War." Shepard Fairey (artist). "Make Art Not War" silkscreen print. 24 x 18. 2004.
Black geometric forms against a blue background, one large circle contains the title. Noel Martin (designer). "Identity Programs" self-promotional piece.
Poster with the large letters of "Minute Man" in three three-letter rows, all in different colors. The first "M" appears cut from a black-and-white photograph of Daniel Chester French's statue of a minuteman. Paul Rand (designer). Minute Man National Historical Park, National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior poster. 42 x 28. 1974.
Poster with a blue-and-white photograph of a woman with a beehive hairdo, eyes and mouth opened wide. The supplementary text is arranged as to emanate from her mouth. Paula Scher (designer). "The Diva is Dismissed" poster for The Public Theater. 46 x 30. 1994.
Poster of a stamp with the word "peace" repeated five times, each with the letter "a" depicted as an upside down heart in a different color, followed by the words "on earth" in pink. Bradbury Thompson (designer). "Peace on Earth" poster. 35 x 23.