SVA COVID Collection

About the Collection

The SVA Archives initiated the SVA COVID Collection in April 2020 to document the SVA community's response to the unprecendented circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. We solicited art from SVA students, faculty, staff, and alumni that filtered this experience (including current living situation, working from home, the shift to online learning, social distancing, and self-quarantine) through their creative output. The collection of more than 300 works includes paintings, drawings, photographs, posters, animation, and film.

The SVA COVID Collection is available publicly through Artstor and JSTOR. Click here to see the entire Collection.

This project is ongoing and members of the the SVA community may continue to submit work. You must be logged into your SVA account to access the form.

If you have any questions, please email the SVA Archives at


Winged head hovering over leaves Untitled monoprint by Stephany Marie Brown.
Mask graphing average daily steps before and after quarantine. Untitled drawing by Jia Li.
Girl in black holding an umbrella sitting on a wire with crows Isolation by Tristan Elwell.
Person in hazmat suit and mask with green apple in front of their face. Son of Man by Shelley Lake.
COVID statistics in Russian Constructivist style COVID-19 poster by Si Hyun Park.
Photomontage with hands, food, chair, door handle. Untitled by Keumjo Yu.
Family watching funeral from a car. Drive-by Funeral by Mona Monahan.
Abstract painting. Untitled by Mary Elizabeth Jones.
Fruit in various stages of decay. Untitled photograph by Shangyu Li.
Abstract photograph. Photography from New Ways of Seeing series by Tobi Kahn.
Two people talking on wire between two buildings. Wire forms faces of other people. Combat COVID boster by Millie von Platen.
Don't Stop to Read This, Keep Going, Be Safe. Street version of poster by Mirko Ilic.
Woman doing a puzzle. Drawing by Carly Larsson.
Abstract depiction of toys in room. Indoor Playground by Li Fang Hsieh
Subway scene of person in hazmat suit and naked crouching green person. Drawing by Tianai Zhang.
White letter with yellow stripe. Mail art by Stella Song.
Woman wearing dress of gloves on New York City street. Dress made of green biodegradable gloves by Chris Cortez.
Cartoon characters having a Zoom meeting. Corona Zoom Meeting by Kun-I Chang.
Inside of a refrigerator. The Unconscious by Christian Kwon.
Person going crazy sitting at a computer. Stay Sane by Carles Garcia O'Dowd.
Woman lying on couch with fruit on table. Drawing by Tiffany Alfonseca.
Masked healthcare worker. Forward by Najin Kim
Abstract painting in red, white, and blue Snow Globe by Xinyu Han