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About the Collection

SVA has a rich history of exhibitions, both by professional and student artists. SVA’s early exhibition history is populated by an incredible roster of professional artists, many of whom were faculty at the College, including Eva Hesse, Sol LeWitt, Lucy Lippard, and Brice Marden. Beginning in the 1970s, student exhibitions were held at SVA-operated galleries in Tribeca and then SoHo; these shows stand today as some of the earliest instances of a college presenting student work within a thriving gallery scene. Professional exhibition highlights include the conceptual-art milestone “Working drawings and other visible things on paper not necessarily meant to be viewed as art” (1966); “Line” (1976), in which neon sculpture by Stephen Antonakos shared space with a Cy Twombly drawing and a Gordon Matta-Clark photographic collage; “Performance Spaces” (1972), in which Bill Beckley was seen singing while doing push-ups and, in a separate video, Dennis Oppenheim munched on a gingerbread man; and “Sculptural Density” (1981), featuring work by Carl Andre, Nicholas Hondrogen, Martin Puryear, Joel Shapiro, Mia Westerlund, Tim Whiten and Jackie Winsor. Please contact the Archivist with questions regarding specific exhibitions.

Three nested illustrations of the same geometric sunrise/sunset in red, orange and yellow. List of participating artists in ten columns at the bottom of the poster. Visual Arts Gallery. The Landscape. 1966. Poster designed by Milton Glaser.
Exhibition poster with a large black 4. Visual Arts Museum. Four Los Angeles Artists. 1975.
Exhibition poster with an illustration of a dark figure doing a handstand on a unicycle which is balanced on a tightrope. O.K. Harris/Hundred Acres/Susan Caldwell. The School of Visual Arts on the Walls in Soho. 1976. Poster illustrated by Ron DiScenza.
Exhibition poster with the left side is blue with "65 self portraits" in small white text at top left, the right side a vertical list of artists and large, blue "65" with drop shadow, overlayed with a smaller "65," with drop shadow, in reverse. Visual Arts Gallery. 65 Self-Portraits. 1965. Poster designed by Milton Glaser.
Exhibition poster with a photograph of a mirror with a wooden handle. The logotype for "Seventeen" magazine is reflected backwards in the mirror. School of Visual Arts. Seventeen: Graphic Art from the Pages of Seventeen Magazine. 1958. Poster designed by George Tscherny.
Exhibition poster with a drawing of a sheet of three-holed isometric orthographic paper on an actual sheet of three-holed isometric orthographic paper. Visual Arts Gallery. Working drawings and other visible things on paper not necessarily meant to be viewed as art. 1966. Poster designed by Milton Glaser.
Exhibition poster with a collection of purple triangles with dark splotches on a white background, mounted askew on a rough, hand-drawn grid. Visual Arts Gallery. Erasable Structures. 1971. Poster designed by Cris Gianakos.
Exhibition poster with  black text on a white background, reading, "Warhol: Visual Arts Museum," centered in a blocky, geometric font, with supplementary text branching out from it diagonally. Visual Arts Museum. Andy Warhol: Drawings. 1976.
Color photograph of the street view outside of the SVA Tribeca gallery. SVA Gallery (Tribeca Gallery), 260 West Broadway. Photograph by David Lubarsky. 1979.
Color photograph of art installations in a gallery. SVA Gallery (Tribeca Gallery), 260 West Broadway. "Show Number Four" BFA Fine Arts student exhibition. Gary Sherman and Amy Sillman installation pictured. Photograph by David Lubarsky. 1979.
Exhibition poster with a painting of a pierrot figure with arms crossed against a red, white and blue background. Visual Arts Museum. Paul Davis: Recent Paintings. 1979.
Exhibition poster with a color photograph of Paul Rand on a boat. Visual Arts Museum. The Masters Series: Paul Rand. 1988.
Cover of spiral-bound booklet with a small watercolor illustration showing a distant person in a meadow, with the words "with Love for Saul" handwritten below. Visual Arts Museum. Steinberg: An Intimate View of His Art and World. 2004.
Exhibition poster with a transparent gray box with black-and-white photo of Stella's painting "Targowica II," nested in two larger transparent blue boxes on blue-lined graph paper. Visual Arts Museum. Frank Stella: The Series Within a Series. 1978.
Exhibition poster with a brown and yellow a triangular pattern in the Navajo weaving tradition. Visual Arts Gallery. Navajo Weaving: Blankets and Rugs from 1850 to the Present. 1972.
Exhibition poster with a black and white photograph of a person laying face down between two piles of dirt. Visual Arts Gallery. Performance Spaces. 1972. Photograph from Dennis Oppenheim's "Parallel Stress", 1970.
Sol LeWitt wall drawing instructions. At top, floor plan showing placement of drawing. Below, a row of 5 sets of 4 boxes, numbered 1 through 20, each depicting different types of lines (arcs from corners, arcs from sides, straight lines, non-straight lines, broken lines), above 2 grids demonstrating every combination of 2 lines from 5 types of lines (as combination of lines in white on black and as combination of two numbers from first row). At bottom, the title, location, and hours. Visual Arts Museum. Sol LeWitt: All Combinations of Arcs from Four Corners, Arcs from Four Sides, Straight Lines, Not-Straight Lines and Broken Lines. White Lines on a Black Wall. 1976.
Photograph of a red, yellow and blue composition notebook. On the cover is a pencil drawing of Keith Haring. Visual Arts Museum. Keith Haring: The SVA Years 1978-1980. 2000.
Black and white photograph of the Visual Arts Gallery as seen through a window. The SVA logo is on one of the panes of glass. Visual Arts Gallery (137 Wooster St.). Late 1990s.