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SVA Exhibitions Archives

About the Collection

SVA has a rich history of exhibitions, both by professional and student artists. SVA’s early exhibition history is populated by an incredible roster of professional artists, many of whom were faculty at the College, including Eva Hesse, Sol LeWitt, Lucy Lippard, and Brice Marden. Beginning in the 1970s, student exhibitions were held at SVA-operated galleries in Tribeca and then SoHo; these shows stand today as some of the earliest instances of a college presenting student work within a thriving gallery scene. Professional exhibition highlights include the conceptual-art milestone “Working drawings and other visible things on paper not necessarily meant to be viewed as art” (1966); “Line” (1976), in which neon sculpture by Stephen Antonakos shared space with a Cy Twombly drawing and a Gordon Matta-Clark photographic collage; “Performance Spaces” (1972), in which Bill Beckley was seen singing while doing push-ups and, in a separate video, Dennis Oppenheim munched on a gingerbread man; and “Sculptural Density” (1981), featuring work by Carl Andre, Nicholas Hondrogen, Martin Puryear, Joel Shapiro, Mia Westerlund, Tim Whiten and Jackie Winsor. Please contact the Archivist with questions regarding specific exhibitions.