SVA Publications and Institutional Records

About the Collection

The SVA Archives contain an extensive and growing collection of publications and records documenting the history of the College. Holdings include SVA's renown subway posters, catalogs, registration books, student and faculty handbooks, faculty directories, newsletters, and departmental publications, as well as photographs and audio and video recordings. Please contact the Archivist regarding specific holdings.

Black text against a deep blue background, listing courses offered by SVA and SVA faculty. Some letters are in white. Summer Evening Session 1963 brochure
Black and white newspaper page, reading: "Alex Raymond, Milton Caniff to speak at C & I." The Cartoonists and Illustrators Billboard, vol. 1, no. 1. 1948.
Rough drawing of a blue hat on a black rectangular drawing table. Sal Jon Bue (designer). Annual Art Scholarships poster. c. late-1950s.
Issue entitled "how to build a chair," a disassembled chair depicted in simple geometric shapes (two squares for back and seat and four rectangles for legs). Artists Journal, Fall 2017. Publication of the BFA Visual and Critical Studies department. Organized by Peter Hristoff.
Black, white and red drawing of Will Eisner's character "The Spirit" sitting on a crate in an alley, reading comics. Will Eisner’s Gallery of New Comics, no. 1. 1974.
Black and white painting of a tea kettle expelling steam, which covers most of the page. At the top, in the cloud of steam, is the word "HEAT." Signed by J. Naprstek. Heat. Photographs from SVA’s Summer of Experience Program. 1973.
Realistic illustration of bees on honeycomb. Segments of the honeycomb are filled with paint colors, arranged to spell out the number "14." BFA Illustration Portfolio 14. 1993.
Color photograph of the Moroccan countryside, with mountains and flat-topped buildings in the distance. Visual Arts Summer In Morocco catalog. 1981/1982.
A teal and white art-nouveau design against a burgundy background, surrounding a stylized circular SVA logo. Text reads "Senior Library: School of Visual Arts Two Thousand and Ten." Louise Fili (designer). The Senior Library. 2010. BFA Graphic Design Department.
Cover of Canvas magazine, showing a black-and-white photograph of an empty Lower East Side art studio. Under the photo is the text, "12/Is the lower east side an art factory? 10/Men in Skirts, 14/Facelift at Film/Video, 15/Hennessy: Civilized Sexism?" Canvas, vol. 5, no. 1. October 2, 1985.
A grid of black-and-white photographs of Dusty Awards trophies. The numbers of "1993" are superimposed over some of the boxes in teal. Fourth Annual Dusty Film and Animation Festival & Awards program. 1993.
A black and white photograph of a crowd of people outside SVA's E. 23rd Street building. The Utterer: A School of Visual Arts Student Publication. April 1970. SVA Fine Arts faculty photographed outside 209 E. 23rd Street.
A black-and-white photograph of the head of a statue of a Sumerian goddess statue. Above is the text, “Interviews with Women in the Arts, Part 2,” and to the right is the text, “One of the earliest representations in ancient art is that of the Great Mother and Eye Goddess. Her gaze spans the centuries, holding spellbound those who look upon her. As a symbol of perception and therefore of ‘seeing’, the eye was a natural emblem of the goddess through whom consciousness was attained.” Interviews with Women In The Arts, part 2. 1974.
A white poster with a small block of text in the lower right. Two small superheroes, one in yellow and one in black, stand on top of it and gesture toward each other. Workshop Course in Comic Art with R.O. Blechman and Chas B. Slackman course announcement. 1963.
Large blue capital “V”s arranged in a four-by-four grid. A red “S” and a gray “A” are hung on each “V” in various arrangements. At the bottom right corner, in gray in four lines, is the text, “School of Visual Arts.” Milton Glaser (designer). SVA Catalog, Vol. XVII, No. 1. 1970-1971.
A black and white photograph of a full lecture hall at the School of Visual Arts. The text "School of Visual Arts" is above the image in a three-dimensional typeface (Milton Glaser's Babyfat). School of Visual Arts promotional booklet. c.1967.
A watercolor illustration of a hovering, pink Italian ice in a paper cup against a white background, in between lines of black text. Top text reads "Summer in New York"; bottom text is "School of Visual Arts." William Kobasz (illustrator). Continuing Education bulletin. 1986.
The word "Ten" in a large, three-dimensional, orange, yellow and pink font against a white background. Scholarship details are a small block of pink text in the lower middle of the poster. Cris Gianakos (designer). Scholarship poster. 24 x 18. 1966.
A black and white photograph of a distant woman drawing in a forest. George Tscherny (designer). SVA advertisement, 1960.
Typical recent art-school graduate items (condoms, ramen noodles, art supplies, an iPod, etc.) packaged together in a foam tray like pre-packaged meat. "Visual Opinion," vol. 13, issue 5/6. 2007.
A high-contrast, blue-and-white photograph of a man, with an upside-down lightbulb, with an orange filament, overlapping with his head. Henry Wolf (designer). "You learn better when you study with the best" promotion. 1965.
A black-and-white photograph of a person touching a transparent sphere held up to their face, between them and the camera. Above them the word "Wonder" in white type with red ball serifs on the "w" and the "n." "Wonder" magazine. Student project from Henry Wolf's "Making a Magazine" class. 1962.
Pink, yellow and blue dots are arranged in a grid against a white background. The number 71 appears in thick, curly yellow letters in the lower right quadrant. "Words," vol. 71. 2010.