The Design of Dissent Collection

About the Collection

“The Design of Dissent,” an exhibition and book created by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilić, examined the vital graphic response to the constraints of government and suppressive political forces. The exhibition was held at SVA in 2005 and featured more than 100 political posters and other graphic art from around the world. Ilić published an updated edition of the book in 2017, adding political graphics created between 2005-2017.  Most of the original posters and ephemera are available for study in the Archives. Contact the Archives for a list of the available items from the extended edition.

A photograph of the back of a woman's body from the waist up. The word "IMMORAL" is written across her shoulders in black, with a purple apostrophe in between the I and the first M. John Creson and Monica Shlaug. "I'mmoral" poster. 22.5 x 16.5. 2004.
A menagerie of different animals arranged against a white background. All animals are red and blue with white stars, invoking the symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties. Thomas Porostocky. "We Need More Party Animals" poster. 24 x 17. 2004.
A large red fingerprint and a black barcode are arranged vertically against a white background. In the middle of the fingerprint is a very small copy of the face from Edvard Munch's "The Scream." Emek. "Printed In USA" poster. 40 x 20. 2003.
A detailed illustration of the back of a man's head. He is wearing a green hat and uniform, with black and yellow Cyrillic text overlaid on top. Istvan Orosz. "Comrades, It's Over" poster. 27.5 x 39.4. 1989.
A grainy, halftone image of a corpse in white tank top and dark balaclava (the G8 protester Carlo Giuliani). Red overlaid text of the song lyrics, "...noi che abbiamo visto genova..." (in English, "now that we have seen Genoa"). At the bottom right, a red, capital "G" on a blue square and a blue “8” on a white square. In the enclosed spaces of the “8” is a cartoonish police officer with a skull face raising a baton. Andrea Rauch. "G8" poster. 26.8 x 18.9. 2001.
A detailed, black-and-white painting of Martin Luther King Jr.'s head, with the word "Dreaming" below it in black text against a white background. Robbie Conal. "Dreaming" poster. 24 x 18. 2002.
A close-up photograph of the dial on a washing machine. Instead of wash settings, it reads "CBS, CNN, ABC, CBC, NBC." Vladan Srdic. "Brainwashing" poster. 19.7 x 27.6. 2003.
A photograph of a pair of blue jeans against a white background. One leg is knotted at the knee, implying the intended wearer has lost part of their leg. A large, Levi's-style patch reads, "War Wear, Rifle, 881 01 041 W 28 L 36." Tomato Kosir. "Rifle War Wear" poster. 27.6 x 19.7. 2000.
A cartoonish figure, dressed in green and against a dark background, clutches the prison bars holding their mouth open. At the bottom, in a white box, are the words, "speak up. freedom of speech! Human Rights Council Belgrade." Slavimir Stojanovic. "Speak Up" poster. 28.25 x 19.5. 1996.
A large equals sign against a white background. The top line is longer then the bottom one. At the bottom, in black, is printed, "Todos Los Hombres Somos Iguales?" On the right edge, printed vertically, "ignorencia = intolerencia, un mundo feliz/a happy work production." Sonia and Gabriel Freeman. "Todos Los Hombres Somos Iguales?" poster. 27.5 x 19.7.
Red passports from various countries are arranged and separated by mortar, resembling a brick wall. Coco Cerrella. "Immigrant Wall" poster. 39.5 x 27.5. 2016.
A silhouette of a person in profile, from the shoulders up, with their face turned up. A blue square covers the figure as if they are submerged, up to the forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin, which are in white, suggesting an iceberg. Leo Lin. "Global Warming" poster, 39.25 x 27.5. 2009.
Black block text is arranged vertically against a white background, reading, "In my country we go to prison first," in a large font and, below that, "and then become president. Nelson Mandela" in a smaller font. Elizabeth Resnick. "In My Country...." poster. 39.5 x 27. 2013.
A pixelated red-and-white photograph of a women wearing a head scarf, holding a child, with another child standing beside her, all behind a modernist-like molded wood chair. The front of the chair is facing towards the viewer, with the text "Take a Seat" overlaid in white. Hadas Zohar. "Take a Seat" print. 27.5 x 19.75. 2016.
A red-and-white photograph of the sculpture "Charging Bull," located at Bowling Green Park in New York City, with a belt drawn around its mouth. Black text is overlaid reading "Money talks...too much. Occupy!" Josh MacPhee. "Money Talks (Occupy Wall Street)" print. 26 x 19.75 30. 2011.