Tony Palladino Collection

About the Collection

Tony Palladino (1930-2014) was the inventive and idiosyncratic designer of many posters, advertisements, book jackets, and magazines. He brought a modern aesthetic to his work, but his work was particularly distinguished by his consistent use of everyday objects. His most famous project was the typographic title for Robert Bloch’s novel Psycho; Alfred Hitchcock bought the rights to the lettering for his 1960 film adaption. Palladino began teaching advertising design at SVA in 1958 and was the creator of many of SVA’s renowned subway posters, including one in which he refashioned smashed hub cabs as fancy women’s hats, illustrating the transformative capacity of art. The Tony Palladino Collection is composed of original art, posters, and other print materials that display the witty, graphically austere, and conceptual style that characterized Palladino’s work throughout his distinguished career as a designer and artist. The Tony Palladino Collection comprises 79 posters, 60 original works of art, 33 periodicals, numerous tearsheets, and several hundred color positive slides.

A primarily black and blue photograph of a building. All the windows are dark except for one, which is bright white. Inner Sanctum. "Thief in the Night" book cover. 1962.
A black-and-white photograph of an open pocketknife against a white background. The text, "An Inner Sanctum Mystery, Hard to Kill, by Thomas Dewey," appears in red, arranged around the tip of the blade. Inner Sanctum. "How Hard to Kill" book cover. 1963.
A black and white photograph of a wedding cake topper in a folded newspaper boat, encircled by a wreath of flowers. "Mr. and Mrs. Tony Palladino sail for Italy" wedding announcement.
A photograph of a stack of torn paper against a white background. The top sheet is red and reads "Magnificent" in black text. Mead Library of Ideas. "Magnificent" poster. 1971.
A black and white photograph of a spirit level on top of a crooked brick wall. The level is propped up by a rock to appear balanced. Architectural & Engineering News. "Masonry" magazine cover. 1963.
Book title in black text set vertical against a blue background made to resemble water. The text overlapping the blue background is styled to appear distorted by water. Inner Sanctum. "Vein of Violence" book cover. 1961.
Black and white photo of four rows of plastic wedding cake toppers on top of a rough block of concrete. Above, cursive text reads, "The Wedding Party, a film by Wilford Leach - Cynthia Munroe and Brian de Palma, distributed by Powell Productions Plus and Onoline Inc." "Wedding Party" movie poster. 1975.
White moon with face and small figure standing on nose and the words "Peace Brothers Fodale" surrounded by dark blue airbrushing against a white background. Brothers Fodale. "Peace" poster. 1972.
Two identical panels of a row of bottles, underneath a large block of colorful text detailing contest rules and prizes. The Color Wheel Inc. "Color In The Palladino Drawing Contest" poster. 1987.
Colorful painting of a dark mountain basin juxtaposed against a bright sunrise/sunset. In the foreground is a lake with a boat and a small tree surrounded by red flowers. Gemelli restaurant. "Napoli" original art.
Black and white photograph of a pair of worn, black gloves printed on brown paper. "Heaven is blessed with perfect rest but the blessing of earth is toil" poster.
Manilla envelope with text on three lines, reading, "Packaging Irving, Werbin," First line: p, a, c, k, a, g, dash, in red. Second line: i, r, v, in black and i, n, g, in red. Third line: the last name "Werbin" in black. Irving Werbin. Promotional piece (paper bag). 1957.
Text reading, "If you want it, come and get it—it's going fast," in black handwriting over green scribbles against a white background. Tony Palladino. Exhibition poster.
Two hubcaps lined up vertically against a white background. The top one is old and rusted, while the bottom one is painted red with a ribbon threaded through it, resembling a hat. School of Visual Arts. Subway poster. 46 x 30. 1989.
A simple blue flowerpot with red flowers and stems, and green leaves, painted against an empty paint-by-numbers poster showing a ballerina. School of Visual Arts. Poster. 45.75 x 29.75. 1959.
An illustration of a black book wearing a patterned green clothing jacket, against a white background. "Bookjackets" self-promotion card. 1952.
Simple red, geometric shapes against a white background, presented as if to be cut out and assembled into a house. Architectural & Engineering News. "Prefabricated building components issue" magazine cover. 1963.
Segment of the back of an American ten dollar bill, showing a print in green of the U.S. Treasury with a building being constructed behind it. Architectural & Engineering News. "Building Costs" magazine cover. 1967.
The word "psycho" in white letters, in all caps, and torn through the middle, against a black background. "Psycho" book jacket. 1959.
White text in three columns and thirteen rows on a black background, patterned like adhesive labels. The word "rush" is repeated in the first eleven rows, followed by, "...slow down and live in '57." Poster. 1957.
Envelope front with colorful stamps on the top right, postal stickers on the bottom left, addressed to "Tony Palladino, Centro Culturale 'R' Livatino, Catania, Sicily;" the return address reads "From Marilyn Monroe, Las Vegas Hotel, the Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada." Centro Culturale R Livatino, Catania, Sicily. Original art. 2004.
Handwritten, purple text on a white background, reading "Bob Gill Milton Glaser George Lois are going to rip me apart Ivan Chermayeff is going to let them" School of Visual Arts. Discussion invitation envelope. 1986.