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Pigeon with mask
John Rego, student, MFA Illustration
April 21, 2020

Documenting COVID-19 Within the SVA Community

The SVA Archives is collecting our community's responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. As artists and creators, SVA students, faculty, staff, and alumni have important work to share as you filter this experience through your creative output. We are interested in collecting and preserving work that documents your response: drawings and paintings, design work, posters and publications, web sites, comics and cartoons, photography, audio and video, and animation. If you're an SVA faculty member and you've assigned a project related to COVID-19, please encourage your students to submit their work.

You must be logged into your SVA account to view the submission form, which is available here:

If you have any questions about your submission, please email the SVA Archives at

Below are some examples from Mirko Ilic and his MFA Illustration students, who responded to PRINT and Poster House's #CombatCovid initiative with ingenious and arresting work that reflects the fear, uncertainty, and mundanity of life in quarantine.
Carles Garcia O'Dowd, student, MFA Illustration
Person in protective gear spraying inside a body cell
William Allison, student, MFA Illustration.
Fire escape
Carly Larsson, student, MFA Illustration
Woman in office surrounded by germs
Flora Bai, student, MFA Illustration
Dont Stop Keep Going Be Safe
Mirko Ilic, faculty, MFA Illustration
People in separate buildings, communicating
Millie von Platen, student, MFA Illustration
Statue of Liberty looking out window
Yi Chin Chen, student, MFA Illustration