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First Look: Gail Anderson
Gail Anderson Collection: Finian’s Rainbow, 2009.
May 17, 2014

First Look: Gail Anderson

Next on deck in our Design and Illustration Study Collection is the work of designer and art director Gail Anderson. Anderson spent fifteen years at Rolling Stone, where she ultimately became Senior Art Director. She defined the magazine’s visual style through conceptual typography, employing all manner of materials, both traditional and non-traditional, to form letters and symbols. In 2002, Anderson moved to SpotCo, an agency specializing in arts and entertainment advertising, where she was Creative Director of Design. The theater posters done during her tenure at SpotCo display the same expressive typographic style she developed at Rolling Stone; each piece speaks to the qualities of that particular production but also uses attention-grabbing graphic language to reach people who might not be likely to buy tickets to a Broadway show.

Anderson is a faculty member in SVA’s graduate and undergraduate design departments and has co-authored numerous books on design with Steven Heller.

A poster. Color photo of a pink, busty female puppet with red lipstick, long blonde hair, a hot pink feathered boa, and a gold necklace reading Lucy. Header text reads "Warning: Full Puppet Nudity" on a bright yellow background.

Gail Anderson Collection: Avenue Q, 2003.

A poster. Illustration of a stylized knight in red, looking at a white star in the yellow sky, while riding a black horse made out of text reading "Man of La Mancha".

Gail Anderson Collection: Man of La Mancha, 2002.

A poster. Black and white illustration of a woman; her eyes are covered with two bright red poppies on long green stems. The title is above the woman's head in bright red text, " Mrs. Warren's Profession".

Gail Anderson Collection: Mrs. Warren’s Profession, 2010.

A poster. Graphic design of a white wedding cake tipping over on a black stand against a red streaky background. On the cake is the title in a black unique font, " The Marriage of Bette and Boo".

Gail Anderson Collection: The Marriage of Bette and Boo, 2008.

A poster. A graphic of a black and white photograph of a metal chair turned upside down against an orange and blue gradient background.Blow the chair is a black square with a cut out of the title, "Oleanna"

Gail Anderson Collection: Oleanna, 2009.

Finally, the archivist in me can’t resist pointing you to this post on Anderson’s childhood art-director-in-the-making Michael Jackson scrapbooks.