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First look: Heinz Edelmann Collection
February 04, 2013

First look: Heinz Edelmann Collection

Direct from Stuttgart, we’ve received 151 posters and 9 books from the truly delightful Heinz Edelmann. Edelmann is best known as the influential art director of The Beatles’ film, Yellow Submarine. He’s worked in Germany, England and the Netherlands since the late 1950s, doing design, illustration, advertising and animation. He’s always worked on his own, without assistants, and has had the freedom to create a new technique or style for each project, depending upon its needs. “I was always a one-man band,” Edelmann has said. “I was my own art director, illustrator, designer and paster-uper and I also swept the floor and made the coffee.”

He produced many posters for the German radio station Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), as well as significant book covers for Klett-Cotta, and illustrations for magazines including the Frankfurter Allgemein Zeitung and Willy Fleckhaus’ 1960s magazine icon, Twen. Here are some samples from the collection:

Bright yellow, red, pink and orange poster for Edelmann exhibition featuring two strange creatures.


Poster for Edelmann exhibition.

Poster for Edelmann exhibition featuring green, smiling peas in a pod.


Poster for free summer concert series in small-town market squares sponsored by WDR.

Poster for free summer concert series in small-town market squares sponsored by WDR, depicting a bunny in a suit at a microphone.


Posters for a WDR give-away depicting an owl surrounded by press microphones


Posters for a WDR give-away.

Poster for Edelmann exhibition depicting red and blue block text against white background.


Poster for Edelmann exhibition.