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First Look: Paul Sahre
Paul Sahre Collection. Book jackets (New Directions, 2012).
July 12, 2014

First Look: Paul Sahre

We are thrilled to add the work of Paul Sahre to our Design Study Collection. Sahre is an designer, illustrator, lecturer, author, and faculty member of SVA’s graphic design department. He is also a regular contributor to the New York Times and his posters are in the permanent collection of the Cooper-Hewitt and the National Design Museum. Sahre’s work is deeply intelligent and a little bit cheeky, and while he doesn’t necessarily share stylistic similarities with the Push Pin artists, he does share their commitment to conceptualism.

The Paul Sahre Collection includes his elegant book jackets (many more here) and some rare and gorgeous silkscreen theater posters (along with test prints) for Baltimore’s Fells Point Corner Theatre, among other great stuff.

A photo of a book jacket for "The History of Western Philosophy" by Bertrand Russell.The title and author's name is written in a thin white front. The front is a picture of an empty road in plain calm field.

Paul Sahre Collection. Book jacket (Touchstone, 2002).

A picture of several silkscreen theater posters. In the front, the poster for " Ghosts play one" is minimalistic with a plain white background and the text of the title are spread out unevenly. Next to it is a poster for "Closer than ever" the title takes up the poster which has an orange/green print of a woman in the background. Both posters cover posters underneath it.

Paul Sahre Collection. Silkscreen theater posters, 1991-1995.

A photo of two posters for "The fever". The one on the left is a bright yellow with a scarlet red print covering some of the background. The title is in big thick bold black letters. The poster on the right has the same font style but the background is a deep purple with muddy red splatter prints scatter around. A hand reaching out is barely readable on the cover covered by the red splatters.

Paul Sahre Collection. Silkscreen test prints for theater posters, 1995.

We also received a remnant of Sahre’s awesome monster truck hearse, specially designed for destruction in They Might be Giants’ “When Will You Die” video.

A photo of worn ripped piece of cardboard. The cardboard is with small black details of part of a car's door.

Paul Sahre Collection. Piece from monster truck hearse, 2011.