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First Look: The Design of Dissent
Patrick Thomas: NO War (New Year’s Greeting). Two cardboard stencils, with original spray paint, 2002.
August 16, 2014

First Look: The Design of Dissent

In 2005, the School of Visual Arts hosted an exhibition for the launch of a new book by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilić — The Design of Dissent. Focusing on oppositional, and often controversial, political graphics from the 1960s to the present, it highlights posters largely from conflicts in Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East and South America. It also has extensive examples of design promoting reformative domestic politics, and making stands on civil rights, religion, and corporate corruption. Ilić has generously donated the posters and other objects featured in the traveling exhibition (fresh from Qatar!) to the archives.

Black and white illustration of a car being refueled by a coffin

Mirko Ilić, Fuel (1990).

A photo of black postcards in a box

Trio Sarajevo, Sarajevo Postcard Collection. Exhibition display, 1993.

Collection of buttons piled on a green t shirt

T-shirt by Stefan Sagmeister and Hjalti Karlsson (1999); buttons by Milton Glaser (2004).

Illustration in packaging; art is of a violin with its segments next to each other

Cedomir Kostovic, Bosnia (Divided) (1991).

A photo of a Shipping label from Qatar