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Herb Lubalin at the Composing Room
October 06, 2016

Herb Lubalin at the Composing Room

The Composing Room was a type shop founded by Dr. Robert Lincoln Leslie (along with Sol Cantor) in 1927 that championed new approaches to design through its extensive array of programs, including exhibitions, workshops, and publications.

Herb Lubalin was the subject of a Composing Room exhibition in April 1968 in the space’s Gallery 303 (named for its address at 303 Madison Avenue). I was familiar with the exhibition through the Doodles giveaway, but I was thrilled to come upon slides of the installation among the work of Roger Ferriter, who, I presume, used them in the design classes he taught at SVA for more than thirty years. (Ferriter was also a partner in Lubalin, Smith, Carnase from 1969 to 1972.) The exhibition occurred fresh off the January 1968 launch of Avant Garde and features an array of work by Lubalin and his colleagues, including posters, logos, book jackets, publications and packaging.

Lubalin Studio photos.