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Here comes the bride
Tony Palladino Collection. Slide of sculpture.
July 18, 2014

Here comes the bride

In honor of summer wedding season we bring you Tony Palladino’s poster for “The Wedding Party.”

A movie poster for "The Wedding Party" Directed by Brian DePalma. The poster is a picture of a cement box. Inside are 5 rows of a bride-and-groom cake toppers. All the cake toppers are submerged in the cement. The movie poster title and movie info are all written in thin cursive writing.

Tony Palladino Collection Drawer 45 Folder 8.

“The Wedding Party” was mostly notable as one of Brian DePalma’s earliest works; it also featured the first screen appearances of Robert DeNiro and Jill Clayburgh (the film was shot in 1963 but not released until 1969). The poster’s not-quite-perfect cursive handwriting reads like a wedding invitation gone slightly awry. The wonderfully perverse image demonstrates Palladino’s mastery in bringing mundane found objects into service as sculpture. He created the cement base himself and arranged the bride and groom cake toppers mass wedding-style; a detail view of the sculpture reveals the couples are already sinking. Till death do they part!

A close up picture of the sculpture used in the movie poster above. The rows of cake toppers are packed neatly and tightly.

Tony Palladino Collection. Slide of sculpture detail.