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Keith Godard
Yale Film Festival by Keith Godard, 1968.
September 10, 2015

Keith Godard

We’re so pleased to add the work of Keith Godard to the Archives. Godard, a renown designer of public art and exhibitions, and a pioneer of the teaching of graphic design history, is the Principal of StudioWorks and a faculty member in SVA’s MFA Design department. We’re kicking off with seventeen of his posters. A Godard poster is an interactive affair – textural and conceptual. There’s plenty more to come from Godard, including books, exhibition design, and wayfinding, but here’s a sample of his exuberant posters, always pressing against the boundaries of the paper.

A poster for an exhibition titled 'A Picnic in Los Angeles' depicting a monochrome aerial shot of Los Angeles, in the center a bright-green-colored park from which rise dozens of balloons on long strings that together spell the exhibition title in reverse.

American Institute of Architects, American Institute of Planners, American Society of Landscape Architects, Art Directors Club of Los Angeles. A Picnic in Los Angeles, 1972.

A poster of film negatives hanging vertically, exposing an image of a city across a river. Film negatives are entangled on top and is attached with purple tags and blue clock tags.

Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture and Planning. Urban Focus: A Festival of Films and Video Tapes, 1975.

Poster of an ox divided into three vertical segments. The first segment is a cave drawing of the ox's head and front legs, the middle is a photo of it's torso, and the back is of the ox's hind legs and behind in white pixels against a green background.

Evolution of the Poster 1850 to the Present: An Inspirational Talk With Examples by Keith Godard, 1997.

An orange metal case with a cover including an image of Berlin, Germany, and stickers of various german language text.

New School University. Parsons School of Design, Goethe Institute. Nach Berlin Kapital Architectures, 1998.

A poster of an opened clapperboard with title "5th Annual Lake Placid Film Festival", in front of a light blue background filled with fish. A person fishes in a rowing boat above to the left, and an image of a house on the right,

5th Annual Lake Placid Film Festival, 2004.