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Richard Serra in Rome, 1966
Bio page from “Richard Serra” at Galleria La Salita, San Sebastianello 16c Roma, 1966.
May 06, 2014

Richard Serra in Rome, 1966

A brochure for Richard Serra’s first solo show, from 1966, surfaced recently in the archives. Though often excised from his oeuvre, Serra, then on a Fullbright in affiliation with Academie Belles Artes in Florence, showed live and stuffed animals along with sculptural collages or Rauschenbergian “combines” at Gallery La Salita in Rome.

In a brief but provocative statement, he writes

The work involves a placement of juxtaposed materials for the sake of the idea: the projected sexual metaphor. The concern is not with the merit of any particular esthetic object. The works are psychological and obsessive. Medium is mixed — Animals are used as sex. Containers as sex. Experience as sex. My ambition is to present a daisy chain. R.S.

Serra taught drawing and sculpture at SVA from 1968 until 1970.