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exhibition installation view
Underground Images installation.
June 14, 2016

Underground Images in Warsaw

I had the great pleasure of traveling to Warsaw for the opening of SVA’s Underground Images exhibition – a historical survey of the College’s subway poster campaign. Going on at the same time were the Warsaw International Poster Biennale and the Academy of Fine Arts open studios, so scroll down to see some work from past Biennale winners (featured in "The Tip of a Paper Tower of Babel) as well as some incredibly accomplished student projects. It was thrilling to see how the rich culture of Polish posters is being pushed forward by the design students graduating from the Academy this year.

exhibition opening photograph
exhibition opening photograph
Exhibition lecture
Warsaw street scene
Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.
Student posters
Student posters for open studios.
student posters
Student work by Maja Zurawiecka.
student fashion design
Student work by Paulina Gawryszewska.
student work
Student work by Karolina Zimna.
exhibition installation photo
Biennale exhibition The Tip of a Paper Tower of Babel.
exhibition installation photo
 Biennale exhibition The Tip of a Paper Tower of Babel.