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Henry Wolf Collection


Henry Wolf (1925–2005) shaped American periodical design in the 1950s and 1960s as art director of Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, and Show magazines. He joined the McCann Erickson advertising agency in 1965 and later teamed with Jane Trahey to form Trahey/Wolf Advertising. In 1971 he founded Henry Wolf Productions, Inc., a studio dedicated to advertising and editorial photography. For the next three decades, Wolf worked as both a photographer and designer, shooting for a host of major clients, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Xerox, Revlon, and DeBeers.


1954 – 2004 (Date ranges)


47 ft (Overall dimensions)

General Physical Description

One-hundred twenty-three boxes and one flat file drawer, containing more than 900 photographs, slides, posters, advertisements, magazines, and correspondence.

Scope and Contents

The Henry Wolf Collection contains the photographs (slides and proof sheets), printed materials (magazines, advertisements, brochures), business correspondence and miscellaneous related materials (awards, degrees, related news clippings) of the designer and photographer Henry Wolf.

Series I: Periodicals

This series contains tearsheets from a wide variety of magazines that were included in the donation, primarily samples of photography, editorial design. Oversized pages, which are generally uncut proofs, are stored in Box 4. Complete issues are stored separately in Box 5, including original copies of Esquire, Sesame Street Magazine, and America Illustrated. Complete volumes of Esquire, Sesame Street Magazine, and Show in bound editions are located in Box 6.

Series II: Advertisements

Wolf designed a wide array of advertisements, but the majority are full-page magazine ads. Oversized reproductions, generally proof sheets for full-page ads, are stored separately in Box 4 and Box 8.

Series III: Brochures

Bound promotional materials and booklet advertising materials, including catalogs, mailers, informational brochures, and annual reports are gathered in this series.

23 Series IV: Posters

The majority of this series consists of event posters for design conferences (including those for the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the International Design Conference in Aspen, and the Art Directors Club of New York), as well as a variety of posters produced by Henry Wolf Productions for cultural programming sponsored by IBM.

Series V: Book jackets and record sleeves

This series comprises two subseries, Subseries A book jackets and Subseries B for original record sleeves.

Series VI: Miscellaneous

Henry Wolf meticulously collected references to his work in print publications, which included his accumulation of awards, appearances in art direction annuals, and mentions in the mainstream
press. These holdings are divided into press clippings and tearsheets (Boxes 18–20), bulletins from organizations like the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the International Design Conference in Aspen (Box 14), advertising annuals (Box 21–27), published hardcover books (Boxes 14 and 15) and school publications including issues produced by Wolf’s classes at Parsons, the School of Visual Arts, and the Rochester Institute of Technology, and other miscellaneous publications by those and other schools (Box 27).

Series VII: Correspondence and personal items

The letters included in this collection are ordered chronologically, and located in Boxes 28–32. This series also includes the self-published memoir, Hopeless But Not Serious, and the les associated with it; transcripts of speeches and presentation materials, and some business and legal documents associated with Trahey/Wolf advertising. Awards and paper certi cates are contained in Box 32, and three- dimensional objects, including awards and military decorations are in Box 33.

Series VIII: “Class”

Henry Wolf developed an extensive proposal for a magazine, which is included in this series, and includes detailed typescript of feature concepts (some of which were originally presented to Town & Country), and mounted, collage spread designs. Boxes 34 and 35.

Series IX: Original art

This series includes illustrations and collages for commercial clients as well as non-commercial projects, including a series titled “Picasso.”

Series X: Photographs and slides

This series is comprised of subseries for: photographs inventoried and given identi cation numbers by Wolf (subseries A); photographs not inventoried by Wolf, and assigned consecutive photo numbers by the archives (subseries B); a collected set of duplicate photograph prints of equal dimension, likely for
a book or exhibition (subseries C); self-developing (Polaroid) prints (subseries D); second-generation reproductions of photographs on non-photographic paper (subseries E); contact sheets labeled “obsolete material” in the Wolf inventory and negatives, stored according to original groupings (probably the developers’—subseries F); and slides, mostly categorized by Wolf (subseries G). The rst two subseries and subseries F are kept in consecutive order by photograph number in transparent photographic sleeves of two sizes, 11 × 14 and 20 × 24; subseries C, D, E, and F are stored in folders in document boxes; slides in subseries G are kept in binders arranged according to original Wolf inventory, followed by those uninventoried, identi ed by their original box label, when available.


This collection is open for research.


Henry Wolf Collection, [series. item]. Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives, Visual Arts Foundation, New York.

Acquisition Information

The Henry Wolf Collection was acquired as a gift from Joan Slawson.

Container List

Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives  >  Henry Wolf Collection  >  Series 1. Periodicals (MG.02.S01)

B1 F1
Accent On Leisure. Accent On Leisure. Spring 1966.
B1 F2
Action. Wunderman Cato Johnson / Magazine No 1
B4 F1
Adweek portfolio.
B1 F3
Almanac. July/August 1988
America Illustrated (Polish ed.). February-67
America Illustrated (Polish ed.). No 108
America Illustrated (Polish ed.). No 64
America Illustrated (Polish ed.). No 68
America Illustrated (Russian ed.). February-67
America Illustrated (Russian ed.). No. 83
America Illustrated (Russian ed.). September-68
B1 F4
The American Fly-Fisher. Arnold Gingrich / Spring 1994
B1 F5
Art Direction. February-64
B1 F6
AT&T Magazine. Becoming a global enterprise. . . / Vol 2 No 3
Audience. "Vol. 2 No. 5. Hill Publishing, Sept-Oct 1972. photomontage on p. 32"
B1 F7
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 1, No 3. August-September 1977"
B1 F8
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 1, No 4. November-December 1977"
B1 F9
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 2, No 1. January-February 1978"
B1 F10
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 2, No 2. March-April 1978"
B1 F11
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 2, No 3. May-June 1978"
B1 F12
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 2, No 4. July-August 1978"
B1 F13
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 2, No 5. September-October 1978"
B1 F14
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 2, No 6. November-December 1978"
B1 F15
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 3, No 1. January-February 1979"
B1 F16
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 3, No 2. March-April 1979"
B1 F17
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 3, No 3. May-June 1979"
B1 F18
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 3, No 4. July-August 1979"
B1 F19
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 3, No 5. September-October 1979"
B1 F20
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 3, No 6. November-December 1979"
B1 F21
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 4, No 1. January-February 1980"
B1 F22
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 4, No 3. May-June 1980"
B1 F23
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 4, No 4. Fall 1980"
B1 F24
BF Goodrich. "BFG Today. Vol 4, No 4. March-April 1980"
B1 F25
Book-of-the-Month Club News. The World Is Made Of Glass / August 1983
B1 F26
Bride's. June/July 1990
B1 F27
Business Solutions. "Business Solutions: May 1987, September 1987, November 1987, and brochure"
B1 F28
BusinessWeek. 1989 Holiday Giving / Yearend Double Issue 1982/3
B1 F29
Cavalino. January/February 1979
B1 F30
Cosmopolitan. (Various)
B1 F31
Cosmopolitan. How to feed the holiday football nut
B1 F32
Cuisine. January 1983 / September 1982
B1 F33
D coration Internationale. Septembre 1985 No 84 30 F
B1 F33
Datamation. The Datamation Top 100
B3 F20
Der Spiegel. Gef hrliches Fasten / 14 M rz
B1 F34
Destinations. Spring 1981
B1 F35
"Dial, The (WNET/Thirteen)". 1980-1982
B1 F36
Discover. February 1984 / The Riddle of Sex
B1 F37
Domus. Octobre 1992 / Aprile 1992
B1 F38
Economic Impact. What role for world trade / No. 3
ELLE. October-59 (Audrey Hepburn)
B1 F39
Endless Vacation. December-88
B1 F44
Esquire. "Finally 'formal' once again means 'formal' / December 1972"
B1 F56
Esquire. "Suzan Wyatt / April 25, 1978"
B1 F49
Esquire. America's Best Mail Order Meals / February 1974
Esquire. August-58
B1 F59
Esquire. Breakfast at Faberge's / November
B1 F57
Esquire. Canary Diamond / December 1978
B1 F60
Esquire. Day Three: Learning A Language / July
Esquire. December-56
Esquire. December-64
B1 F54
Esquire. Esquire's Retail Brief of the Month / May 1976
B1 F45
Esquire. Five-Dollar Cuban Cigar / September 1973
B1 F48
Esquire. Food and Drink / January 1974
B1 F61
Esquire. Gentleman's gift selector
B1 F50
Esquire. Great faces and few words series / 1974
B1 F51
Esquire. How Madison Avenue Breaks Your Heart / July 1974
Esquire. January-66
B1 F40
Esquire. June-58
Esquire. June-70
B1 F53
Esquire. Look Ma No Engine / December 1974
Esquire. March-58
Esquire. May-65
B5A F1
Esquire. Mounted designs featuring photographs by Ben Rose
B5A F2
Esquire. Mounted designs featuring photographs by Marvin Newman
B5A F3
Esquire. Mounted designs featuring photographs by Saul Leiter
B5A F4
Esquire. Mounted designs for a feature about Guy Bourdain
B5A F5
Esquire. Mounted designs for a feature about Le Mans
B5A F6
Esquire. Mounted designs for spread on Ted Kennedy authored by Wolf/Trahey Advertising
Esquire. October-58
B1 F41
Esquire. October-60
B1 F42
Esquire. October-66
B5A F7
Esquire. Other mounted designs
Esquire. September-58
B1 F55
Esquire. Ten Ways To Swim / August 1977
B1 F43
Esquire. The Art of Garbage Analysis / November 1971
B1 F46
Esquire. The High and the Hungry / November 1973
B1 F58
Esquire. The stranger at the table / February 1984
B1 F62
Esquire. The Two-Cent Sticky History of the United States / July
B1 F47
Esquire. The well-bred black tie / December 1973
Esquire. Vol. 38. July - December 1952
Esquire. Vol. 39. January - June 1953
Esquire. Vol. 40. July - December 1953
Esquire. Vol. 41. January - June 1954
Esquire. Vol. 42. July - December 1954
Esquire. Vol. 43. January - June 1955
Esquire. Vol. 44. July - December 1955
Esquire. Vol. 45. January-June 1956
Esquire. Vol. 46. July - December, 1956
Esquire. Vol. 47. January - June 1957
Esquire. Vol. 48. July - December 1957
Esquire. Vol. 49. January - June 1958
B1 F52
Esquire. Woman of the Century / August 1974
B2 F1
Femme. Le Pierre: Une Chambre a Manhattan
B2 F2
Food & Drink. The Egg: Freshest of Farm Foods
B2 F3
Fortune. Carter Hawley Hale / December 1976
B2 F4
B2 F5
Good Housekeeeping.
B2 F6
Harper's Bazaar. Carmel Snow's Paris Report
Harper's Bazaar. December-72
Harper's Bazaar. January - June 1959
Harper's Bazaar. July - December 1959
B5A F11
Harper's Bazaar. Mounted designs featuring photographs by Fonssagrives
B5A F12
Harper's Bazaar. Mounted designs featuring photographs by Hiro
B5A F13
Harper's Bazaar. Mounted designs featuring photographs by Richard Avedon
B5A F14
Harper's Bazaar. Mounted designs featuring photographs by Saul Leiter
B5A F15
Harper's Bazaar. Mounted designs featuring photographs by Ynoncancio
B5A F9
Harper's Bazaar. Mounted designs for issue of January 1959
B5A F8
Harper's Bazaar. Mounted designs for issue of November 1958
B5A F10
Harper's Bazaar. Mounted designs for issue of September 1959
Harper's Bazaar. September - December 1958
B2 F7
Harper's Bazaar. This page . . .
B2 F8
Harper's Magazine. What does a woman want? / February 1970
B5B F1
Holiday. Volume 43 / 1968
B2 F9
House Beautiful. Wine: a gracious tradition / August 1978 / March 1978
B2 F10
IN. Chief Information Officer / Summer 1987
B3 F2
L'Officiel USA. American Collections / August 1978
B3 F3
L'Officiel USA. American Collections / February 1979
B3 F5
L'Officiel USA. Couture in America: April 1979
B3 F4
L'Officiel USA. New Spring Looks / March 1979
B3 F6
L'Officiel USA. Season of Champions / September 1979
B2 F11
Ladies Home Journal. Red Dazzle
B2 F12
Ladies Home Journal. The Face of Winter
B2 F13
Ladies Home Journal. Wedding Day Fashions To Sew / October 1976
B2 F14
Life. March 2 1962
B2 F15
Longevity. December 1991 / September 1989
1989 – 1991
B5B F2
Longevity. Mounted designs
B2 F17
McCall's. (Boards)
B2 F16
McCall's. (Tearsheets)
B5B F3
McCall's. Mounted designs
B2 F18
Modern Bride. Summer Fashions / May 1983
B2 F19
Modern Photography.
B4 F2
Modern Photography. Photography for inept sophisticates
B2 F20
Money. How to Benefit from Recovery
B2 F21
Ms.. The stage is set / July-August 1982
B2 F22
Nation's Business. Leaving The Corporate Nest
B2 F23
New West Magazine. Triscuit Harbinger of the Sixties
B2 F24
New Woman.
B2 F43
New York Cue. "Meryl Streep / January 18, 1980"
New York Times Magazine. November-74
B2 F36
New York. "100 Ways to Keep Warm / November 26, 1973"
November 1972 – December 1973
B2 F33
New York. "200 Great Things You Can Buy for $1 / August 27, 1973"
August 1972 – December 1973
B2 F39
New York. "Art Deco's Back and New York's Got It / November 11, 1974"
November 1973 – December 1974
B2 F29
New York. "Couples: The Art of Staying Together / February 19, 1973"
February 1972 – December 1973
B2 F35
New York. "Eating Well is the Best Revenge / October 22, 1973"
October 1972 – December 1973
New York. "Enclosed Encounters / November 21, 1977"
B2 F32
New York. "Good Morning, I'm Sally Quinn / July 16, 1973"
July 1972 – December 1973
B2 F28
New York. "How The Stay Well and Feel Great In New York / December 18, 1972"
December 1971 – December 1972
B2 F41
New York. "Introduction to the Feast / September 27, 1976"
September 1975 – December 1976
B2 F40
New York. "Judith Jamison / November 10, 1975"
November 1974 – December 1975
New York. "Making It in the Movies: Diary of a New Star / April 14, 1969" (Ali MacGraw)
B2 F31
New York. "Photography on the mind / May 28, 1973"
May 1972 – December 1973
B2 F25
New York. "See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heel Me / May 25, 1970"
May 1969 – December 1970
New York. "The Whole Grape Catalogue / October 23, 1972"
B2 F27
New York. "The Whole Grape Catalogue / October 23, 1972"
October 1971 – December 1972
B2 F42
New York. "The Wicked Winds of New York / April 24, 1978"
April 1977 – December 1978
B2 F38
New York. "Why Women's Dresses Don t Fit / March 4, 1974"
March 1973 – December 1974
B2 F37
New York. Great Weekends / Fall Winter 1973
December 1972 – December 1973
B2 F26
New York. Is Lindsay Running Out On New York?
1971 – 1972
B2 F34
New York. The Problems of Robbing a Bank / September 10 1973
September 1972 – December 1973
B2 F30
New York. Will Country Music Move New York Into The Heartland / April 2 1973
April 1972 – December 1973
B3 F1
Nikon Image. Wolf
B3 F7
Partners: AT&T's Publication for Small Business. Planning Ahead: What you can do now to ensure a successful future
B3 F8
Penthouse. Getting to the bottom of canned cocktails / July 1976
B3 F9
Penthouse. Sound Investments
B3 F10
Personal Business. Personal Business May 1971 & Personal Business April 1971
Picture. "Issue 20, Summer 1983. "
B3 F11
Progressive Grocer. The Fresh New Look in Dairy / June 1983
B3 F12
Psychology Today. Nocermber 1977
Radio Corporation of America Electronic Age. "Spring-Summer-Autumn 1967, Winter 1967-68"
B3 F13
Reader's Digest. Do You Really Need A Physical / August 1982
B3 F15
Redbook. Be Beautiful / Spring Summer 1979
B3 F14
Redbook. January-77
B3 F16
RSA Journal. November-91
B3 F17
Savvy / The magazine for executive women. May-85
B3 F18
Ser Padres.
Sesame Street Magazine / Sesamestrasse. Nos. 1-48
1973 – 1975
Sesame Street Magazine. 1973 - 1974
1973 – 1974
B5B F4
Sesame Street Magazine. Mounted designs
B3 F19
Seventeen. July-75
B5B F14
Show. "Mounted designs for 'Master Craftsmen' feature"
B5B F5
Show. Issue for October 1961
B5B F11
Show. Mounted designs featuring illustrations by Milton Glaser
B5B F12
Show. Mounted designs featuring photographs by Gordon Parks
B5B F13
Show. Mounted designs featuring photographs of Elizabeth Taylor by Pete Turner
B5B F15
Show. Mounted designs for a feature about Balanchine
B5B F6
Show. Mounted designs for issue of December 1961
B5B F9
Show. Mounted designs for issue of July 1962
B5B F8
Show. Mounted designs for issue of June 1962
B5B F7
Show. Mounted designs for issue of March 1962
B5B F10
Show. Mounted designs for issue of October 1963
Show. Vol. 1, 1961
Show. Vol. 2. January - June 1962
Show. Vol. 2. July - December 1962
Show. Vol. 3. January - June 1963
Show. Vol. 3. July - December 1963
B3 F21
Sportswise New York. Introducing the modern athlete / Jan-Feb 1984
B3 F22
Status. October-68
B3 F23
Stern. Folterwochen fur ein schmerrzfreies leben
B3 F24
Swing. Necking in the 90s / April 1995
B3 F25
Think. An IBM Publication
B5B F16
Think. Mounted design for a spread for issue of 1985
B3 F28
Time. "Ice Cream / August 10, 1981"
B3 F27
Time. "That Aching Bach / July 14, 1980"
B3 F29
Time. "The Fitness Craze / November 2, 1981"
B3 F26
Time. "To Heal A Nation / January 24, 1969"
B3 F34
Town and Country. Dana Gibson: The Fashion Legacy / May 1983
B3 F30
Town and Country. Great Legs / February 1974
B3 F31
Town and Country. Mrs Wm Prescott Wolcott / April 1976
B3 F37
Town and Country. My Mentor, Myself / August 1994
B3 F33
Town and Country. New York's Resplendent Jewelers / September 1981
B3 F35
Town and Country. Quintessential New Yorkers / September 1985
B3 F36
Town and Country. R.S.V.P. Black Tie / June 1986
B3 F32
Town and Country. The Glamour Makers: The Photographers, The Models, The Fashions / September 1980
B3 F38
Town and Country. The Great Resort Look
B3 F39
TV Guide. "Barbara Walters and ABC / Feb 3-11, 1977"
B3 F43
Unknown magazine. Asparagus time
B3 F44
Unknown magazine. Cool Crystal Classics
B3 F45
Unknown magazine. Fashions / Under $20
B3 F46
Unknown magazine. How Your Career Can Affect Your Drinking
B5B F18
Unknown magazine. Mounted designs
B3 F47
Unknown magazines. Assorted tearsheets
B3 F48
Unkown magazine. American Wonder / Wheels; American Photographer page
B3 F40
Vanity Fair. Concept cover
B3 F41
Vista. January-February 1973?
B5B F17
Vogue. "Proof for spread for TWA/Swansons feature, issue of September 1967"
B4 F3
Weekend magazine. January-78
B3 F42
Woman. November-89

Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives  >  Henry Wolf Collection  >  Series 2. Advertisements (MG.02.S02)

B5B F19
3M. Scotchgard
B7 F1
4711 Cologne. Love Thyself
B4 F4
ABC Entertainment. "Imagination, not invention, is the supreme master of art -- Joseph Conrad"
B7 F1a
Adele Simpson. Little Lady With Big Ideas advertisement
B5B F20
AIG. Our approach to structuring an organization is a little bit different
B7 F2
Alfred Angelo.
B4 F5
American Express. How to
B7 F3
American Fur Industry. Be Thrifty. Buy Fur This Year.
B4 F6
Andrea. Where beauty is no problem
B7 F4
Ardith Tobacco Company. 555 International
B7 F5
Asahi Pentax.
B4 F7
AT&T. Coach him again. Call Germany.
B7 F6
Avon. Ice Palace Pink
B7 F7
Axius Designs. Argo Sculpture
B7 F8
B5B F21
Barney's New York.
B7 F9
Beecham. Vitabath
B7 F10
Bell's. Blended Scotch Whiskey
B4 F9
Belvedere Cigarettes. But some people smoke Belvedere just because they like them
B7 F11
Bergdorf Goodman.
B7 F12
Bill Blass. Bill Blass: Things Go Better
B7 F13
Bill Blass. Remembrance of Things Blass.
B4 F8
Blackglama. What becomes a legend most?
B7 F14
Blackglama. What becomes a legend most?
B7 F15
Bulova. One great face deserves another.
B7 F16
Burger King.
B7 F17
Burlington. Something Wonderful Pantyhose
B7 F18
BusinessWeek. There are two sides to every BusinessWeek reader
B7 F19
Carolee. Outrageous Faux Jewels
B4 F10
Carven. Vetiver
B7 F20
Charles of the Ritz.
B4 F11
Charles Revson. Ultima II Introduces
B7 F21
Clariol. True-To-Light Mirrors
B7 F22
Coca-Cola. Tab & Dannon
B7 F23
Coty. Eye wrinkle stick
B7 F24
Creslan. The Eleanor Brenner Environment
B7 F25
Dansk. Expensive By Design
B7 F26
Danskin. Dreams Begin With Danskin
B7 F27
DeBeers. Nature's gift to men.
B5B F22
DeBeers. Nature's gift to men.
B4 F12
Delbay. Cyne-Lotrimin
B4 F13
Diners Club.
B4 F14
Dow Plastics.
B7 F28
Dresser Industries.
B4 F15
Dynel. It's not fake anything.
B4 F16
B4 F17
Elizabeth Arden.
B7 F29
EmbaMink. Wrap yourself in something special
B7 F30
Estelle Friedman. Keeps People Famous
B7 F31
B7 F32
Florence Eiseman. Are Florence Eiseman children nicer than other children
B7 F33
Fraser's Stainless.
B7 F34
General Foods. Jello Pudding Pops
B7 F35
General Telephone and Electronics.
B4 F18
Geoffrey Beene. Not every woman can wear red / Fragrence
B7 F36
Gingiss Formalwear Centers. Remember the day
B7 F37
Girard Perregaux.
B4 F19
Givenchy. Haute Givency / Givenchy the French word for panyhose
B7 F38
B5B F23
Good Housekeeping. You'll buy more of my prime time in Good House
B4 F20
Grace. Ifyyou can work a pencil
B4 F21
Hamilton/Vantage. Bill Blass For
B7 F39
Hanes. Gentlemen prefer Hanes
B4 F22
Harlequin. Because life's a stage
B7 F40
Helena Rubinstein. Brush-On Lips
B7 F41
B4 F23
Herman Miller.
B7 F42
I.W. Harper.
B5B F24
IBM. "The 'office of the future' will not arrive in a box"
B4 F24
IBM. The man behind this hand is Michael Coleman
B4 F25
Intrex. Trexcote Wood Tables
B7 F43
Israel. "127,532 Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong"
B7 F44
Jaeger / British Airways / British Leyland.
B7 F45
Jean d'Albret. Ecusson
B7 F46
John Robert Powers. Bare Beauty
B7 F47
Johnson & Johnson. Johnson's baby oil
B7 F48
Karastan Carpets.
B8 F1
Karastan Carpets. Some of us have more advanced nesting
B7 F49
Kay Jewelers. Make the day special
B7 F50
Kohler. Bold Look of Kohler
B7 F51
B8 F2
L'Erin Cosmetics.
B5B F25
Lily of France. Enhance by Lily of France
B7 F52
Lord & Taylor. Cosmetics
B7 F53
Louis Faurer. Growing greater by the moment
B7 F54
Mac Tac. Mac Tac of Paris
B7 F55
Madame Rochas. "In France, romance is a national passion "
B7 F56
Martin Marietta.
B8 F3
McCall's. McCall's Beauty Tips
B5B F26
McGraw-Hill. Some executives assign their best sales minds to mindless tasks
B5B F27
Mead Paper. Good Morning America
B7 F57
Murjani. Vanderbilt for Murjani
B7 F58
B8 F4
New Britain Machine. Flexible Manufacturing Systems
B7 F59
New Man. Casual dressing for those who don't take dressing casually
B7 F60
New York and Penn.
B7 F61
New York Stock Exchange.
B7 F62
No Nonsense Fashions. UltraSense
B8 F5
B8 F6
Olivetti. Magazine advertisements
circa 1969
B7 F63
Orlane. How the French let you see what they want you to see
B7 F64
Palizzio. Any Palizzio is better than no Palizzio
B8 F7
Pan Am Airlines. Million-Dollar Baby
B5B F28
Papermate. Erasermate
B7 F65
Paraphernalia. "Love, Peace"
B7 F66
Parfums Lagerfeld. Enter Chlo
B5B F29
Parliament. With the recessed filter
B8 F8
Pfizer. The New Generation
B8 F9
Princess Marcella Borghese.
B7 F67
Proctor & Gamble. Pert shampoo
B7 F68
Promenade. Just how far can a girl go on a promenade?
B8 F10
Revlon. Moon Drops
B7 F69
Roche. Vitamins For Cosmetics
B7 F70
Saks Fifth Avenue. Erwin Pearl
B7 F72
Salvatore Ferragamo's Shop. All mixed up
B7 F71
Salvatore Ferragamo.
B7 F73
School of Visual Arts. Some people say Sokolsky has X-ray eyes.
B7 F74
School of Visual Arts. You learn better when you study with the best
B7 F75
Scientific American. Japanese Technology Today.
B8 F12
Sheer Madness.
B8 F13
Sills. Bonnie Cashin For Sills
B7 F77
Singer. Only Singer
B8 F11
Spano/Roccanova Retouching.
B8 F14
Textron. The new couture pull.
B7 F78
Thompson Medical. Dexatrim
B7 F80
Triangle Manufacturing. Softbells
B8 F15
Trigere. The Trigere Cult
B8 F16
UCLA. UCLA Extension Winter Quarter
B8 F21
Unknown client.
B7 F86
Unknown client. "There are two ways to combat Influenza A "
B7 F81
Van Cleef & Arpels.
B7 F82
Van Heusen. Van Heusen
B7 F83
Vendome. Real Gold
B7 F84
Waverly. The Art of Waverly
B7 F85
Xerox. (Nude with x-ray)
B8 F17
Yardley of London. New Lip Slicker
B8 F18
Yves St Laurent. This is one original that can't be copied
B8 F19
The Zane Grey Library.
B8 F20
Zyloware. Stetson The new frontier in eyewear by Zyloware

Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives  >  Henry Wolf Collection  >  Series 3. Brochures (MG.02.S03)

B9 F1
A&S. "Hot Lines,' 'Holiday Decorating"
B9 F2
Abraham and Straus. "The Dazzlers,' 'The Works"
B9 F3
After Six Formals. Diversified Stylings For Formal Occasions
B9 F4
Alfred Angelo. "Spring 1982', 'Spring 1983"
B9 F5
American Express. Gucci
B9 F6
American Heritage Collection.
B9 F7
Avis Corporation. 1976 Annual Report
B9 F8
B9 F9
Boehringer Ingelheim.
B8 F16
Champion International. Imagination 11
B9 F11
Champion International. Imagination XXIII Catalogues
B9 F12
Champion International. The All-American Publication Papers Book
B9 F13
Champion Papers. "Imagination IV: 'Envelope"
B9 F14
Clabir Corporation. 1984 Annual Report
B9 F15
Columbia Pictures. Lawrence of Arabia
B9 F16
Columbia Pictures. The Victors
B9 F17
Dr. Pepper. 1977 Annual Report
B9 F18
Fawcett Books. Fawcett BookBiz and TV
B9 F19
Filene's. The Fine Art Of Fashion
B9 F20
Henry Wolf Productions. A Catalog of Catalogs & Brochures
B9 F21
House of Bianchi. How do you marry . . .
B9 F22
Human Nature.
B9 F23-24
I.Magnin. "Reflections': 1977-1979"
B10 F1
IBM. Supplies Catalog
B10 F2
Impressions. The Fashion Folio
B10 F3
International Design Conference Aspen. A Celebration for Eliot Noyes
B10 F4
International Design Conference Aspen. Bare Bones / 1991
B10 F5
International Design Conference Aspen. George Nelson 1908-1986
B10 F8
Interpublic Group. 1971 Annual Report
B10 F6
Interpublic Group. 1972 Annual Report
B10 F7
Interpublic Group. 1978 Annual Report
B8 F20
Japanese watch company.
B10 F9
Johnson & Johnson. Micatin cream/lotion
B8 F18
Knoll. The Zapf System
B10 F10
Kodak. International Photography
B8 F17
Lord West - Pierre Cardin.
B10 F11
"Luke, John". A 24 Page Picture Book
B8 F19
Martex. Towels of the Times
B10 F12
McCall's. Maureen Marwick's Holiday Beauty Book
B10 F13
Mead Paper. Good Morning America
B10 F14
Miss Worth. The Story of Miss Worth
B10 F15
Olivetti. The Olivetti Bonus Book
B10 F16
Omnicom. Omnicom Annual Report 1986
B10 F17
Ortho Pharmaceuticals. "Balance' Modicon"
B10 F18
Pentagram. Pentagram Papers 1: ABC: A Dictionary Of Graphic Cliches
B10 F19
B10 F20
Sabena. "Sabena's 'Holiday Abroad' Spring/Summer/Fall 1974"
B10 F21
Sabena. "Sabena's 1975 'Holiday Abroad"
B11 F14
Saks Fifth Avenue. Facing forward: Oscar de la Renta
B11 F5
Saks Fifth Avenue. Folio Autumn 1975
B11 F8
Saks Fifth Avenue. Folio Autumn 1976
B11 F1
Saks Fifth Avenue. Folio Christmas 1972
B11 F2
Saks Fifth Avenue. Folio Christmas 1973
B11 F6
Saks Fifth Avenue. Folio Christmas 1975
B11 F9
Saks Fifth Avenue. Folio Christmas 1976
B11 F10
Saks Fifth Avenue. Folio January 1977
B11 F4
Saks Fifth Avenue. Folio Summer 1975
B11 F7
Saks Fifth Avenue. Folio Summer 1976
B11 F12
Saks Fifth Avenue. Folios January/Spring/Summer 1978
B11 F3
Saks Fifth Avenue. Folios Summer/Autumn/Christmas 1974
B11 F11
Saks Fifth Avenue. Folios Summer/Autumn/Christmas 1977
B11 F13
Saks Fifth Avenue. Half-sized Folios
B12 F1
Simpson Paper. Simpson CONNECTIONS Calendar
B12 F2
Socotab Leaf Tobacco Company Inc..
B12 F3
Speed Graphics.
B8 F21
Status. October-68
B12 F4
B12 F5
Stock Photos Unlimited. "David Hamilton, Hiro, Art Kane "
B12 F6
Tele1st. Tele1st The Guide
B12 F7
Trahey/Cadwell Advertising.
B12 F13
Unknown client.
B12 F14
Unknown client. Diamond Couture Collection
B12 F8
Van Cleef & Arpels.
B12 F9
Westvaco Fine Papers.
B12 F10
"Wolf, Henry". Photographed by Henry Wolf
B12 F11
Worldstyle. International Fashion Forecast Magazine
B12 F12
Xerox. An Idea Book

Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives  >  Henry Wolf Collection  >  Series 4. Posters (MG.02.S04)

D22 F1
Achim Moeller Fine Art. Duchamp
D22 F2
American Institute of Graphic Arts. "Graphic Design USA 4, Call For Entries"
D22 F3
Art Directors Club. An Evening With One Of The Best (1984) / 'Meet Henry Wolf' (1964)
D22 F4
Canon. Joel Meyerowitz
D22 F4
Canon. Shoot for the stars competition
D22 F5
IBM. "I, Leonardo: A Journey of the Mind"
D22 F5
IBM. Focus on Excellence
D22 F5
IBM. Mikhail Baryshnikov's the Nutcracker
D22 F6
International Design Conference Aspen. Bare Bones
D22 F7
D22 F8
McCall's. You Just Know It's McCall's
D22 F9
"Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles". Automobile and Culture
D22 F10
Olivetti. Duke Ellington at the Keyboard
D22 F11
Oregon Design Conference. Wolf Speaks
D22 F12
Parsons School of Design.
D22 F13
PM Typography. Type
D22 F14
Princess Marcella Borghese. The Quarto Colorings
D22 F15
Rochester Institute of Technology. Henry Wolf: William A Reedy Memorial Lecture in Photography
D22 F15
Rochester Institute of Technology. The Impact of Excellence
D22 F16
Salesman. Salesman: The Maysles Brothers' New Film (Jesus pictured with luggage)
D22 F17
Simpson Paper. Connections: Henry Wolf
D22 F18
UCLA Extension. Winter quarter 1997
D22 F20
Unknown. Editorial photograph ("Orthodox Jew, back turned to table set with steak and milk")
D22 F19
Warner Bros.. Never Say Never Again

Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives  >  Henry Wolf Collection  >  Series 5. Packaging (MG.02.S05)

Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives  >  Henry Wolf Collection  >  Series 6. About Henry Wolf (MG.02.S06)

Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives  >  Henry Wolf Collection  >  Series 7. Correspondence and personal items (MG.02.S07)

"About Henry Wolf, photos of Henry Wolf" (Manuscripts and typescripts)
Henry Wolf Correspondence 1950 1979
Henry Wolf Correspondence 1980 2002
Henry Wolf Correspondence n.d.
"Henry Wolf on other artists, designers, and photographers" (Typescripts and proof sheets)
"Henry Wolf on other artists, designers, and photographers" (Typescripts and proof sheets)
Henry Wolf Speeches 1959 1982
Henry Wolf Speeches 1989
Hopeless but not serious, business proposals
Museo Nationacial de Belles Artes Argentina (Correspondence and materials for an exhibition)
B8 F25
Oversized personal correspondence, oversized photos of Henry Wolf
Paper certificates, awards, degrees, and photographs of Henry Wolf
Three-dimensional objects, awards, military decoration
Trahey/Wolf Advertising (Business and legal documents)
University of Kansas Department of Design (Correspondence related to a student project)

Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives  >  Henry Wolf Collection  >  Series 8. 'Class' (MG.02.S08)

B31 F2
'Ideas For Town & Country'; 'Class' originals from the 1970s
B34 F1-14
B31 F6
Completed mockup
B31 F4
Detailed ideas
B31 F3
Earlier drafts
B31 F1
Main proposal: copies
B31 F5

Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives  >  Henry Wolf Collection  >  Series 9. Original art (MG.02.S09)

B37 F1
BFG Today. Turnaround: 70s (Sketches)
B37 F21
Bound storyboard, with German text
B37 F2
Details. (Sketches for a cover)
B35 F9
The Detour. A dream in Tepoztlan.
B37 F3
Ferragamo. Check him out first (Sketches)
B37 F4
Fortune . (Sketches for a cover)
B37 F5
Giving. (Sketches for a cover)
B35 F7
B37 F6
Men's Life. (Sketches for a cover)
B37 F7
Mercury. (Sketches for a cover)
B37 F8
New York Times Magazine. The Business World (Sketches)
B37 F9
Nissan. (Storyboards for advertisements)
B37 F10
Northrop. (Sketches)
B37 F22
B37 F11
Olivetti. (Sketches)
B37 F12
Partners. (Sketches for magazine)
B35 F8
Princess Marcella Borghese.
B37 F13
Revlon. Ultima II (Sketches)
B37 F14
Sports Illustrated. (Sketch and mockup)
B37 F15
St Gilia. (Sketches)
B35 F10
B37 F16
Think. (Sketches for a cover)
B37 F17
Time. (Sketches for a cover)
B37 F18
Union Carbide. ("Sketches on letterhead, with memo from client")
B37 F23
Untitled sketches
B37 F24
Untitled sketches
B37 F19
Wang. (Sketches)
B37 F25
War of the sexes (Series)
B37 F20
Woman. (Sketches)
B37 F26
ZOO (Potrait of an ape)

Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives  >  Henry Wolf Collection  >  Series 10. Photographic materials (MG.02.S10)