Henry Wolf Collection

About the Collection

Henry Wolf (1925–2005) shaped American periodical design in the 1950s and 1960s as art director of Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, and Show magazines. He joined the McCann Erickson advertising agency in 1965 and later teamed with Jane Trahey to form Trahey/Wolf Advertising. In 1971 he founded Henry Wolf Productions, Inc., a studio dedicated to advertising and editorial photography. For the next three decades, Wolf worked as both a photographer and designer, shooting for a host of major clients, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Xerox, Revlon, and DeBeers. The Henry Wolf Collection contains photographs (slides and proof sheets), printed materials (magazines, advertisements, brochures), business correspondence and miscellaneous related materials (awards, degrees, related news clippings). 

Candid color portrait of two women (one of them Ali MacGraw) and a man with a ski chalet in the background. Ali MacGraw photograph.
Black and white photo of a woman sitting on a a table in an empty conference room. Adele Simpson advertisement, 1960s.
Black and white photograph of a stage and proscenium, with a graphic hanging in the background of a yellow sun on a red gradient background. America Illustrated (Russian ed.). Magazine cover. 1967.
Color photo of a woman in a bikini sitting on a sand dune and looking at the viewer. Elizabeth Arden. Advertisement. 1960s.
Close-up color photograph, possibly candid, of Audrey Hepburn smoking a cigarette on a bus. Elle. Magazine cover. 1959.
giant silver balls under geodesic dome above Cover of RCA Electronic Age magazine, 1967.
Close-up color photo of a woman talking on the phone; supplementary text, representing her speech, is arranged around the mouthpiece of the receiver. Harper's Bazaar. Magazine cover. 1958.
Color photo of a woman looking up at a gallery show; the art is all large photographs of typewriters. Olivetti. Advertisement. c. 1969.
Color photo of a woman sitting on large rubbrer blocks with a typewriter; lighting equipment is visible. Olivetti. Advertisement. c. 1969.
Color photo of a woman in a dress with four large orange, yellow, green, and blue stripes walking on water. Promenade. Advertisement.
Magazine cover with an American flag, the stripes made of the faces of John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy and the stars from the face of Caroline Kennedy. Show. Magazine cover. 1963.
Title text is "How would you make a film about the H-bomb?" The letter H is very large against the page. Rest of text is from interviews of filmmakers. Show. Magazine spread. 1962.
Two different short stories, side by side; the first letter of both is large an in a gothic font. Harper's Bazaar. Magazine spread. 1958.
An oversized pigeon is standing in a carpeted room; an equally large cat is observing from outside. Text reads "Some of us have more finely developed nesting instincts than others." Karastan Carpets. Advertisement. 1984.