SVA Historical Event Recordings

About the Collection

From its earliest days, the School of Visual Arts has hosted events featuring established and up-and-coming artists, actors, filmmakers, and intellectuals. These events range from lectures and discussions to symposia and conferences, many of which have been recorded.

In this collection, you can access audio recordings of some of the earliest events at the School of Visual Arts, held between 1963 and 1981. Recordings have been digitized from 1/4 in. open reel tapes and include lectures, discussions, symposia, and audience Q&A.

Recordings include talks by Salvador Dalí, Mel Brooks, Barbara Reise, Zero Mostel, Agnes Martin, Hal Ashby, Jenny Holzer, and Barbara Kruger, among many others. A full list of the recordings is accessible via the Collection Guide link below.

Full recordings are available to members of the SVA community via Artstor by searching for Artstor in the "Databases" section at or by logging in at via the "Log in through your Institution" option using your SVA credentials.

Excerpts of all recordings are also available to the general public on Artstor.

Poster featuring a self portrait of Rembrant, modified to have dark round sunglasses, and a detail of a Rembrant's "The Blinding of Samson," showing the biblical figure having a stake driven into his eye Poster for Salvador DalĂ­ talk, "Rembrant: Was He Blind?" 1963
Martin standing at a lectern on stage in front of a large audience Agnes Martin addressing SVA students in 1979
Black text on white, participants names are constructed of letters clipped from magazines Poster for symposium "Art as Intervention," 1980
Mostel and Rhodes in front of audience SVA founder Silas Rhodes with guest speaker Zero Mostel in 1971
Ashby and Appelbaum sitting on stage in director's chairs Filmmaker Hal Ashby in converstaion with faculty member Ralph Appelbaum, 1976
Green paper with event details and artists names listed. The names Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger are handwritten below the list of other participants. The names of Holzer, Alan Moore, and Diego Cortez or missepelled Poster for symposium on art collectives, 1981
Arkin sitting at a table speaking into a microphone while students look on Alan Arkin talking to students, 1970s
Back of a quarter inch open reel box with information on recording Box for reel of Barbara Rose talk, 1971