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From Barbizon: Portrait of a Company, 1967. Designed by George Tscherny. Larger version.
January 28, 2014


George Tscherny designed this company profile for lingerie company Barbizon in 1967. The book contains just a few modest shots of the garments, focusing instead on the manufacturing process; Barbizon was unusual in that it also produced the synthetic fabrics used in its lingerie. The depiction of the fabrics, dubbed with nebulously romantic names like “Blendaire Batiste” and “Satin de Lys”, came easy for Tscherny, who has continually explored the natural draping of textiles as an element of design. 

An opened book of a photo focused on a pink-purple roll of synthetic fabric, carried by a man's shoulder.


An opened book with text on the left, and several images to the right. Includes a cropped painting of a woman wearing a white dress, a light pink floral painting, and images of factory work.


An opened book displaying a black and white circular, fish-eye lens image of a man in an office.


An open book displaying an indoor image of a Eastern woman sitting by a small balcony.


A moss-green book cover. Titled "Barbizon" in small black text, and fit within an outline of a white square.