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Bob Gill
School of Visual Arts Collection, Bob Gill self-promotional pamphlet, c. 1959.
January 07, 2013

Bob Gill

Designer and illustrator Bob Gill was one of the earliest faculty members at SVA, joining right around the time George Tscherny taught the school’s first design course.

Collection of cartoons of various SVA faculty members. Text: 'Rhodes Gallery...'

School of Visual Arts Collection. “Rhodes Gallery” (SVA faculty, 1957) from From a School … to a College: The History of the School of VISUAL ARTS. New York: Visual Arts Press, 1998.

Gill designed some promotional items for SVA, including this lovely poster from 1960.

Illustration of an orange door on a green wall opening to reveal a column of text containing scholarship information

School of Visual Arts Collection: Annual Art Scholarships poster by Bob Gill, 1960.

The pencil sharpener image on the cover of the self-promotional piece below was also used on a mailer for an exhibition of Gill’s work at SVA in 1958 (and a couple other places, too). Here are some additional pages from the Gill pamphlet that typify the charm and playfulness of scale in his work.

Illustrations for a mailer; left side is the back of a policeman holding a billy club; right side is a pencil sharpener full of red shavings

School of Visual Arts Collection, Bob Gill pamphlet, c. 1959.

A black rollercoaster along the bottom of the white page; a large yellow hat floats above

Gill pamphlet.

Bisected pamphlet; left side is a woman in a sweater crossing her arms, right side is an 18th century nobleman holding a violin

Gill pamphlet.