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Milton Glaser Collection, Box 93 Folder 27: Colorvision for Phoenix Clothes and Hanover Hall, 1963.
October 21, 2013


In what essentially looks like a lost issue of the Push Pin Graphic, Colorvision (“an entirely new concept of color in clothing!”) describes the magic of a Blendescent:

Colorvision combines the richness of the blendors (e.g. gold, bronze, olive) with the heartiness of the ground shades – (blacks, blues and browns). The result is a Blendescent. In color blending the basis of a Blendescent is the ground shade. The key to the subtle arrangement of color is the proper blendor. But regardless of the blended colors – the ground shade always retains its vital definition.

Dark, detailed drawing of cathedral architecture


Painting of a bird with colorful plumage against a white background


Green photograph of a mask; colorful shapes are painted over it


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