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Dirty talks
SVA Event RID 225. “Is Figuration a Reaffirmation of the Status Quo?” Audrey Flack, Leon Golub, Alfred Leslie, Thomas Lawson, moderator Corinne Robins. 17 November 1981.
May 27, 2014

Dirty talks

Panel discussions and talks sponsored by the Fine Arts Department in the heady conceptual late-70s and early-80s often adopted a DIY or punk aesthetic in their announcements. The gritty, hand-composed images reinforced the impression of open-ness of work that dispensed with, or critiqued, illusion.

A flyer. Colorful, handwritten text against pale yellow paper background with ragged colorful edges withe crayon texture. The flyer is for "An information talk with Lee Krasner Moderated by Jeanne Sigel" it written in big letters with a red crayon

SVA Event RID 152. An Informal Talk With Lee Krasner. 9 December 1977.

A flyer. Navy and black dense text against bright teal background. The information for the event  varies in font and size. A small description at the top is in a bright blue type writer font. Below in big bold navy text are the people who contributed in the event, next to each name in tiny text is their position. Below that is huge bold text is the name of the event along with the date and location.

SVA Event RID 213. Symposium. With Ingrid Sischy, Carol Squiers, Alan Moore, Diego Cortez, Julian Schnabel, Jenny Holzer, and Barbara Kruger. Organized by Joseph LaPlaca and Randolph Black, 4 May 1981.

Oh look who they almost forgot there. More posters for a Fine Arts Film Series next week.