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Identified Flying Objects
Milton Glaser Collection. Hangar Planner 2003.
October 28, 2015

Identified Flying Objects

For the Hangar Design Group’s 2003 planner, Milton Glaser riffed on the theme of flying, imagining ordinary objects sailing across the landscape. It’s a variation on the surrealism that has long interested him, from Tomato Records’ lounging tomato to Lu Biscuit International Art Collection’s cookie tableau. Glaser writes within the Hangar planner, “Drawing is an unsurpassed tool for observing what is real.”

Landscape painting of a lake with mountains and valleys in the background. A paper clamp is painted on the top right corner.
Painting of an evening path with trees on both sides, and a palette knife over a blue cloud.
Flat landscape painting with a large green tree with a large red heeled shoe hanging off to the tree's side.
Painting of a coastline with pink clouds and a far-away lighthouse. A white teacup and saucer with red rims and a tropical bird design in front of the clouds.
Landscape with a cliff illustrated on the right, and a desert and river to the left. Three pairs of glasses float in the sky.