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Kid stuff
Heinz Edelmann Collection: Series 1, Item 8
September 27, 2013

Kid stuff

We looked at some of Edelmann’s political posters for the West German radio station WDR back in June. But there was also a lighter side to his collaboration with the broadcaster.

Here are a few selections from a series of 13 posters he illustrated and designed, advertising their programming for children in 1976. In each of these he shows off his dexterity with collage and pattern combinations. Unlike much of the work from this period, they strongly recall the surreal style he most famously employed in Yellow Submarine, and was paralleled by Terry Gilliam’s work for Monty Python, both of which were greatly influenced by the Push Pin Graphic.

Collage and illustration made of handwritten text and brightly colored torn paper against a white background.

Heinz Edelmann Collection: Series 1, Item 9

Color collage made out of illustrations of children's faces from the 19th and early 20th century around a box of text

Heinz Edelmann Collection: Series 1, Item 20

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