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Typewriter with falling figures and streamers
Poster for Olivetti's Lexikon 82, 1976.
June 30, 2020

Milton Glaser for Olivetti

Around the same time Milton Glaser and Push Pin Studio's ground-shaking proto-psychedelic style was taking hold and permeating popular culture, Milton was doing transformative and awesomely weird work for typewriter company Olivetti. Milton, given total freedom, produced magnificent pieces for Olivetti's design director, Giorgio Soavi, over the course of many years. If you think typewriters are an old-fashioned relic, think again; in Glaser's hands they are positively futuristic.
Mourning dog with typewriter and sandaled feet
Poster for Olivetti's Valentine typewriter, 1968.
Wooden cabinet
Poster for Olivetti's Valentine typewriter, 1968.
Falling figures
Sketch for Olivetti's Lexikon 82 poster, 1976. See the top of this post.
Falling figures and typewriter
Art for the Lexikon 82 poster.
Finger, ball, and typewriter.
Poster, 1977.
Finger and ball sketch
Sketch for poster above.
Latop in corner of grid
Olivetti goes tech! Poster for Olivetti's subminiature notebook Quaderno, 1992.