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Pop pourri
Milton Glaser Collection: Box 109. Cover for Ike and Tina Turner, “Cookin.” ca 1985.
November 19, 2014

Pop pourri

Milton Glaser was hired in the mid-1980s by Deluxe Communications Corporation to design a set of LP sleeves for a sequence of oldies releases they called The Classic Series, distributed by Jem. Each cover was a colorful collage of disparate elements. For the most part they were assemblages of little-known or under-appreciated early work by major artists (though it appears the Waylon Jennings record is an alternate version of At JD’s.)

Bright orange record sleeve titled "Willie Nelson. Lone Star" In white over black text, with bits of blue and yellow paint underneath.

Willie Nelson, “Lone Star”

A red-purple sleeve titled "Waylon Jennings. Soulman," in black and white font, decorated with red and white cut-out flower illustrations.

Waylon Jennings, “Soul Man”

Bright blue record sleeve titled "Hall & Oates. The Early Years," in black and white text. A detailed floral pattern in orange, blue, green and yellow is torn into small pieces, lightly decorating the sleeve.

Hall & Oates, “The Early Years”

A record sleeve in a moss-green color, with title "The Oak Ridge Boys. Good News" in white over black font. Decorative paper in black, blue and pink is layered behind the title.

The Oak Ridge Boys, “Good News”

A record sleeve in a pink to blue gradient, titled "Nat King Cole. Intimate." Bits of pink, blue, and yellow decorative paper embellish the sleeve.

Nat King Cole, “Intimate”