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Pop pourri, part 2
Milton Glaser Collection: Box 109. Dolly Parton, “Beginnings.”
November 24, 2014

Pop pourri, part 2

Reader Don O’Hara sent us a few additional iterations of the Jem “Classic Series” we featured last week.

Record sleeve in a muted green, titled " Vol.1. Frank Sinatra, Radio Magic," in black and white text. A black and white cut-out image of a smile is placed in-between the artist and album title.

Frank Sinatra, “Radio Magic, Vol 1.” Not in collection.

A brown record sleeve titled "The Oak Ridge Boys. Sacred Music." Textured paper in green, blue, and orange-pink decorates beneath record text.

Oak Ridge Boys, “Sacred Music.” Not in collection.

Pink record sleeve titled "Eric Clapton and the Yard Birds. English Roots," in white over black text. Green, blue, pink and gray circles in various sizes decorate the sleeve.

Milton Glaser Collection: Box 109. Eric Clapton and the Yardbirds, “English Roots.”