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Talk about the Passion
School of Visual Arts Collection: Passion cover, 1970.
March 04, 2013

Talk about the Passion

Milton Glaser and Henry Wolf’s 1970 magazine workshop at SVA produced Passion, meant to interpret various notions of passion in visual form. In a clear homage to the landmark erotic magazine Eros, Glaser and Wolf’s class used their cover to riff on the endpapers of the Summer 1962 issue of that publication.

Eros, which was edited and published by Ralph Ginzburg and art directed by Herb Lubalin, led to Ginzburg’s indictment on charges of obscenity; following several appeals, his conviction was upheld by the Supreme Court and Ginzburg eventually served eight months in prison. Ginzburg was also responsible for launching Avant Garde magazine, designed by Lubalin.

Red and black bust photograph of a couple kissing passionately.

Eros endpapers, Summer 1962.

Red to blue (gradient color) photograph of a man kissing a female mannequin.

School of Visual Arts Collection: Passion back cover, 1970.

Below, a couple of spreads from Passion, featuring the work of students Eitel Von Storp and Constanze Von Collande.

Black and white photograph of objects stored in a grid, including male and female shaped candles, a "Love Spray" perfume, and jars of liquid.

School of Visual Arts Collection: Passion, “The Love Box”, 1970.

Black and white drawing of outfits for a paper doll lined up in a row, with the doll at the end; handwritten cursive text is on lined paper underneath.

School of Visual Arts Collection: Passion, “How to Make a Man (Woman) Fall in Love With You”, 1970.