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craypas drawing of a thick artist's palette
Milton Glaser. Zimm's Fat Palette, 1966.
December 09, 2021

Zimm's Palette

In 1962 Milton and Shirley Glaser purchased a home in Woodstock that had originally belonged to sculptor Bruno Zimm. Zimm passed away nearly twenty years before the Glasers bought the house, but Zimm’s paint palette remained on the wall of the studio and it formed the basis for a series of three drawings done by Glaser in July of 1966, all surreal riffs on the inherited paint-smeared board. We have one of the original drawings in the Archives, “Zimm’s Fat Palette,” a rich three-dimensional layer cake of smudged Cray-Pas. Another drawing, “Zimm’s Palette, torn apart” appeared on the cover of Graphis magazine issue 133 in 1967 (the issue featured an article about Push Pin Studios). In some neat symmetry, Glaser also tore apart the Graphis logo at the top of the page.
Graphis magazine cover
Milton Glaser. Graphis cover, 1967.
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