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Group W
James McMullan Collection: The New York Times advertising supplement for Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, March 5, 1967 / Fort Wayne by James McMullan.
March 31, 2014

Group W

In 1967, the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company commissioned nine artists to visit and visually interpret the Group W station cities for an advertising supplement to The New York Times. The illustrations range in manner of interpretation but all share an expressive style. I was especially happy to find another example of the work of Jerome Martin, who’s fallen into relative obscurity. See the full set on our Flickr site, including works by Paul Davis, Robert Andrew Parker and Phil Hays.

Expressive, colorful illustration of two people talking while riding a red cable car in a city, viewed from below

San Francisco by Jerome Martin.

Colorful illustration of a cityscape viewed from above, and rendered with strips of color

Los Angeles by Teresa Woodward.

Distorted illustration of a NYC cityscape; buildings and landmarks like the statue of liberty are arranged in a row and extend downward

New York by Cliff Condak.