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Henry Wolf for Karastan carpets
Henry Wolf Collection. Slide binder – advertisements. Karastan carpets, 1984.
June 08, 2015

Henry Wolf for Karastan carpets

An excellently memorable and surreal campaign photographed by Henry Wolf for Karastan carpets employed an elaborate multi-part process in which birds and their associated props were photographed; those silhouette prints were placed inside specially constructed miniature rooms with skewed proportions to create an illusion of depth. The resulting tableau was then reshot with a large camera. The carpeted rooms incorporate subtle differences in architectural style and sly visual references – see the Albers serigraph and Manet painting in the photo below.

Photo of a white dove in the center of a down-sized modern home. A cat looks in from the rows of windows on the right.


Wolf was forever experimenting with scale, to both comic and dramatic effect, for clients ranging from Olivetti to Swanson’s on the Plaza to Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

The Karastan campaign came from ad agency Ally & Gargano; Tom Wolsey was art director.

An owl posing with a book in a small study room. In front of the bird is a podium with a stack of books and a quill with ink.


A tall pink flamingo with its child in a small unfurnished white room. Another flamingo's head looks in through the left window.


A bluebird in a white down-sized room feeding it's child though the door entrance. The room is furnished with one cushioned chair and a human eye looks through the open window pane.


A red and blue macaw in a down-sized room, perched on top of the keys of a grand piano. There is a painting of a basket of oranges and tea, a cushioned chair, open door, and carpeted floor in the background.