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Illustrating ‘Seventeen’
Illustration for Seventeen by Milton Glaser, ca. 1957
December 06, 2013

Illustrating ‘Seventeen’

I wrote last week about some ads I came across for Seventeen. Those appeared somewhat surprisingly in the promotional end pages of the Art Directors Club annuals in the 50s-60s. Here are some of the illustrations from that magazine that won awards from the ADC that year.

Black and white, whimsical illustration of a street scene featuring children playing and a woman shopping at an outdoor market

Illustration for Seventeen by Doris Lee, ca. 1955

I apologize for the black and white reproductions, but now that I think of it I can’t be certain if—in the mid-50s—the color versions of all of these drawings were even printed originally.

Painting of people in a large room with US flags and portraits of Lincoln and Washington.

Illustration for Seventeen by Robert Weaver, ca. 1955

Contributions by Seymour Chwast, Phil Hays, Ad Reinhardt, Raphael Soyer, Ben Shahn, Jerome Snyder and Andy Warhol also got awards. Which is quite a list. But this credit took me by surprise:

Rough, black and white illustration of a young woman waring a scarf and hat

Illustration for Seventeen by Sol LeWitt, ca. 1957