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Illustrator Jerome Martin
Steven Heller Collection: All the King’s Men cover by Jerome Martin (Time Reading Program), 1963.
November 03, 2013

Illustrator Jerome Martin

Steven Heller recently gave us 82 books from the Time Reading Program; check out his article in Design Observer about their wonderfully eclectic covers.

While going through the books myself, I was particularly taken with the three covers done by an illustrator I’d never heard of, Jerome Martin. I did a little bit of research on him and learned that he was an instructor at SVA in the 1960s and was also active in magazine illustration around that time. Here are some drawings he did for Fortune in 1961.

As for the Time Reading Program, Martin illustrated covers for Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men, Marcus Goodrich’s Delilah, and Charles Jackson’s The Lost Weekend. They all share a similar sensibility — strong, flat lines and a corresponding perspective on their human subject.

Rough red and yellow illustration of two men; one in the center, shirtless with hands on his hips, the other in a suit in the background
Steven Heller Collection: Delilah cover by Jerome Martin (Time Reading Program), 1965.
Color illustration (black, white and orange) of a stylized man looking down a door/corridor.
Steven Heller Collection: The Lost Weekend cover by Jerome Martin (Time Reading Program), 1963.