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Outside the box
Milton Glaser Collection: Milton Glaser for Container Corporation of America.
February 16, 2014

Outside the box

Container Corporation of America’s “Great Ideas of Western Man” advertising campaign was the brainchild of CCA’s longtime design consultant, Herbert Bayer. The series, which ran from 1950-1975, paired prominent modern artists and designers with quotes from philosophers, scientists and politicians. A very small CCA logo appears in each ad, though the placement and typography vary.

The groundbreaking ad campaign introduced the American public to artists they may never have encountered. CCA’s chairman, Walter Paepcke, was a great and early champion of design who understood the value of intelligent, consistent and progressive corporate communication.

Below, ads from Noel Martin, Robert Andrew Parker, Saul Bass, S. Neil Fujita and Bradbury Thompson. The Glaser ad comes from the Archives’ Milton Glaser Collection; many others can be found in the Visual Arts Library Picture Collection.

A blue rectangle against white paper covered in a tight grid of black identical male profiles. Overlayed on top, in red text: "No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent"

Noel Martin for Container Corporation of America.

Rough, somewhat distorted color portrait of Woodrow Wilson against a pink abstract background.

Robert Andrew Parker for Container Corporation of America.

Underneath a wall of red text against a white background, the word TRUTH spelled out in black block letters along with other geometric shapes.

Saul Bass for Container Corporation of America

Geometric colorful blocks piled on top of each other against a whit background; backwards letters on the blocks spell out "RIGHTS OF MAN" and "COMMON SENSE"

S. Neil Fujita for Container Corporation of America

Underneath black text against a white background, bright yellow, blue and magenta scales of justice overlapping.

Bradbury Thompson for Container Corporation of America.